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Q1-090122: Lost Link

How do we get the link to the part back without deleting the part and then reinstalling it in the assembly?
Q1-090121: SEEC Chase Error

Can anyone help with the error from SEEC chase: access denied.
Q1-080311: Video Problems in Solid Edge V19 (2 ans)

I have a Dell Precision 390 with an NVIDIA 550 video card, when I try to zoom, Solid Edge V19 locks up and I have to shut down.
Q1-090120: Draw in View Background

Does somebody know how I could change the color scheme in Draw in View?
Q1-090112: UG NX Certification (2 ans)

How can I get certified in UG NX?Brief: How can I get certified in UG NX?
Q1-090121: Multidimensional Flange

How can I make a multidimensional flange without using the sheet metal feature?
UGS: Q1-090119: Mass Calculation

In NX 5 how can I get the correct mass of an assembly containing components with different densities?
Q1-090105: Problems Opening a Part File (4 ans)

Can someone help with opening a part file that had no problems before?
Q1-090115: Error Message

Can someone help with the error message that says “"*.asm cannot be saved."”?
Q1-090107: Using Goal Seek to Alter CG

How do I use goal seek to alter CG dimensions?
Q1-081030: Managing the Library

I need to create a managed library but am unable to figure out how, using the Solid Edge "Help." Does anyone use a managed library?
Q1-081211: Material File

How can we create a customized material file (.mtl)?
Q1-090112: Latest Update Bug on Draft Tabs

Does anyone know how to solve the problem of every time I open a draft file it automatically inserts a new tab with an empty sheet?
Q1-081203: Tutorial Help

When running a tutorial on Solid Edge, does anyone have any advice how to have a help window with directions come up on the screen?
Q2-090105: Bill of Materials

How do I save my customized bill of materials while trying to create a drawing template?
Q2-081028: Alternative Assemblies in Draft File (2 answers)

Is it possible to put the three different exploded views and three different auto parts list on the same draft file?
Q2-090112: Retaining Dimensions in NX 6

Does anyone know how to retain dimensions from Sketcher to Moduling in NX 6?
Q1-090108: Suppressing Features

How do I suppress features using Excel?
Q1-090108: 3D Section in Modeling

In NX 3, how do I create a 3D section in the modeling by using the section option for visualization or using any other option in UG?
Q1-081226: Datum Planes in an Assembly (3 ans)

How do I show part datum planes in an assembly?
Q1-090105: Problems Opening a Part File (3 ans)

Can someone help with opening a part file that had no problems before?
Q1-090105: Hardware Requirements (1 ans)

What is the recommended hardware needed to work efficiently in Solid Edge V20?
Q1-090106: Sending Mails in Thin Client Teamcenter

How do I send TcMail from web-based (thin client) Teamcenter without having to be part of a workflow?
Q1-081222: Family of Parts Table in Excel

Is there a way to edit/export a family of parts table in Excel, like you can in Pro/E?
Q1-090104: Toolbar Layouts File

Is there a single file in the Solid Edge installation folder that holds all of the toolbar layouts for each of the modes part, sketch etc?
Q1-090105: FEA Using NX 5

Can someone tell me how to do FEA using NX 5?
Q1-081224: Faceted Body

How can we apply the ID symbol to the drafting view when the reference set is a faceted body?
Q1-081214: Adding Icons to the QAT Automatically

Is there any way to put icons into the Quick Access Toolbar non-interactively?
Q1-081120: 2D Output File Format

Is there any way for Solid Edge to output a CF2 format in order to control a die maker?
Q2-081104: Adjusting Customer Defaults Setup

How do I adjust my customer defaults setup so that Unigraphics recognizes different revisions or versions of parts when working with assemblies?
Q1-081102: NX 4 Installation On Vista

Are there any solutions to error 1920 encountered during NX 4 installation on Vista?
Q1-080311: Creating AutoCAD Drawings (2 ans)

I am trying to change line colors in AutoCAD drawings saved from the draft package.
Q1-081028: Revision Manager

When opening a drawing in revision manager, I only get the drawing. All the parts that are in that drawing are not showing up.
Q1-081028: Converting a Closed Surface Model (2 ans)

How can you convert the closed surface model into a solid model in NX 5?
Q1-081020: Applying Torque to a Mechanism

I need to know how to write to the editor of the mathematical function equations to apply torque to a mechanism.
Q1-081017: Error In NX 5 (2 ans)

I can't open my PRT files anymore in NX 5, and I get an error message. Can anyone help solve this problem?
Q1-081009: Make Fillet Values Sticky (1 ans)

Is there a way to make fillet values sticky?
Q2-081007: Importing CADKEY (1 ans)

What is the best way to import CADKEY solids into Solid Edge?
Q3-081007: Tutorials in Solid Edge V20

When I was going to use tutorials, the "Next Button" at the top did not show up. Is there a fix for this problem?
Q1-081007: Block Connections (1 ans)

How do I insert a rev line block and connect it to the previous rev line block within my drawing?
Q1-081007: Testing of NX 5

I have a client moving TCE from UNIX servers to a Windows platform. Is there specific functional testing for NX 5?
Q2-081007: Teamcenter Tuning (1 ans)

Does anyone have any tips on Teamcenter tuning?
Q1-081006: Creating a Dumb Assembly (1 ans)

I would like to create a dumb assembly file for size reference to an industrial design.
Q2-081006: Advantages of Solid Edge (4 ans)

Can anyone help to list any advantages of Solid Edge over other packages like Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks?
Q1-080930: Parametric Modeling (2 ans)

What is Parametric Modeling and how we can implement it in our models?
Q1-080929: Upgrading to NX 4 to NX 6 (3 ans)

Has anyone made the move directly from NX 4 to NX 6 skipping NX5?
Q4-080925: Model Files Blocked (5 ans)

One of my model files is blocked in I-DEAS, how can I recover the information in this file.
Q1-080925: Retrieving Latest Components (2 ans)

When opening assemblies some components are failing to load due to historical file versions not present.
Q2-080925: Expression (2 ans)

What is "Expression" and what does it do?
Q3-080925: 3D Cut Section in Drafting (2 ans)

How do you create a 3D cut section in drafting?
Q1-080923: Animating an Assembly

Where can I find advanced tutorials that will help me do animation in an assembly?
Q1-080918: Data Management Tools (2 ans)

For data management and control, can anybody suggest any free options?
Q1-080915:Solid Edge Model on a Two-Screen Setup (4 ans)

I was wondering if I could have the same assembly open in two windows with two different views?
Q2-080915: Frame Generator (1 ans)

I need help figuring out a way to break my assemblies into sub-assemblies or weldments.
Q1-080902: Turning Assemblies Into a Single Part (11 ans)

We would like to turn the assembly into a single part to send to the 3D printer. How can you do this in Solid Edge?
Q1-080829: Import Point Cloud

How do I import point clouds (x-y-z data from laser scanning) into Solid Edge V8?
Q1-080828: Change Language

How do I change the current language from Spanish to English in the installed Solid Edge application?
Q1-080828: Rectangular Array (2 ans)

We need to create a rectangular array of an extruded solid that is associated to a defined CSYS.
Q1-080827: Camera Path (1 ans)

How can I create my own camera path to follow during animation?
Q2-080826: Limit Decimal Places (1 ans)

I am looking for an example of how to limit how many decimal places are displayed within a form.
Q1-080825: Space Ball (2 ans)

The space ball works great with NX-2 but assigned functions to the buttons do not work when using NX-5.
Q1-080826: Manufacturing Application Error

Everything seems to be working all right but when I click on the manufacturing application an error Number:1990002 pops up.
Q2-080822: Quadro FX for Mobile Workstation (2 ans)

How can I evaluate the complexity of the projects I'm working on and choose the video card accordingly?
Q2-080822: Point Data

How do I utilize point data to create 3D models in Unigrapics?
Q1-080822: Converting

Is it possible to convert 3D models into point cloud data by using Unigraphics or any other software?
Q1-080820: Format Drafts (1 ans)

How do I format all of my drafts(dft.) so it stays constant and how can I insert in it bmp act?
Q2-080811: Would a NVIDIA GeForce Work with Solid Edge V20?

I am looking at buying Solid Edge V20 and was wondering if it would work with the NVIDIA GeForce?
Q1-080811: Simulate Wire Routes with Spline/XYZ Displayed

How can I create/simulate a wire in an electrical type assembly?
Q2-080808: Thread Command in Solid Edge V20 (4 ans)

Is it possible to generate a thread to the user defined diameter of a hole or cylinder in Solid Edge V20?
Q1-080808: Advanced Rendering in Solid Edge V20

One of our client is rendering an assembly with more than 200 parts but an an error log prompts while doing the operation then Solid Edge will close.
Q2-080808: Error Recovery in NX4

When I have the assembly file open and make active one component part to change a dimension within the sketch an error occurs after I click finish sketch.
Q1-080808: Executing a .bat file Through KF in NX4

I had written a .bat file through KF in NX4.
Q1-080806: Import Google Sketch Models

How do you import Google sketch up models into Solid Edge?
Q1-080806: Exporting a Drawing into AutoCAD using KF

Does anyone know the function or procedure in KF or Ufunc final output should be, a .DXF or .DWG file using existing drawing sheet?
Q2-080805: Flat Pattern of a Helix (1 ans)

How can I make the flat pattern of a helix with a rectangular section?
Q1-080805: Academic Licenses

I've had Solid Edge on my computer for about a year and a half and it started telling me I was on a temporary license. Do academic licenses expire?
Q1-080801: SE V20- Working in Assemblies (1 ans)

When working in assemblies termination log error highlights signaling that Solid Edge must close. Is there any way to work around this?
Q1-080731: Wrap Sketch (1 ans)

Wrap sketch on a conical surface does not work consistently; successful only 10-20 percent of the time.
Q1-080728: Transformation in NX 6 (1 ans)

After upgrading from a very buggy NX5 to NX6 all was going good until I noticed the transformation menu is missing options.
Q1-080725: I-Deas 12 and 3Dconnexion Devices (1 ans)

Is there a product similar to the 3Dconnexion product line that operates well with I-Deas12
Q1-080724: Table/Chart Creation (4 ans)

How do I create a hole table chart in Unigraphics?
Q1-080721: I-Deas and X64 O.S. (1 ans)

We use it with XP 32 today, but we want to change the OS to XP 64.
Q3-080714: Download (3 ans)

Is there any possibility to download manikins to my computer?
Q2-080714: 3D Scale (2 ans)

Ways that you can scale 3D models in Solid Edge.
Q1-080714: Solid Edge Classic V19 (1 ans)

I have V19 classic (3D)installed.
Q1-080710: Automtated BOM Update Function (3 ans)

We have hundreds of drawings we would like to batch print into PDF format.
Q1-080710: See Single Cordinate

While in drafting mode I want to use single coordinate dimension.
Q2-080710: Importing Into Unigraphics

I had an .step file format data that I want to import, in Unigraphics but some data was lost.
Q5-080710: NX Certification

I want to know about NX certification in India.
Q4-080710: Hardware Requirements

Was wondering what is the best/fastest computer/hardware to use for NX4.
Q3-080710: UGS NX4

I want the KF program to create a rectangular array of holes.
Q1-080703: NX3 (2 ans)

Finding the center of gravity in NX3
Q1-080702: Solid Edge Synchronous (8 ans)

Hi, which Solid Edge version has synchronous technology?
Q1-080702: NX4

I want the KF program to create a rectangular array.
Q1-080701: Work Faster with Big Assembly (2 ans)

I currently use SE version.19, and have been experiencing with much of downtime or lag time waiting to just process
Q2-080701-Solid Edge V20

I need to draft some STL part.
Q1-080627: Put Dimensions Using VB in SE

I want to create dimension to part feature in Solid Edge Draft file through VB Automation.
Q1-080627: Update Solid Edge v14 to v15

I have Solid Edge v14 and I must see Solid Edge v15 parts, assembly.
Q1-080625: Hardware Requirement

What would be the ideal hardware requirement for file sizes larger than 300MB.
Q2-080623: Solid Edge V20

Solid Edge using OpenGL API calls to render 3D drawing on the computer
Q1-080623: Drawing Format (4 ans)

I was wondering if someone could send me a procedure for making my own drawing format, with my company logo on it.
Q1-080623: NX 4

I have a closed ISO-GRID 3/4in thick Alum Panel that is machined in the FLAT.
Q2-080623: NX 3

I want to learn about mold and progressive dies with NX3.
Q1-080620: Service Pack in Solid Edge V20 (9 ans)

I am using Solid Edge v20 and I have just received service pack updates sp#2 thru #7.
Q1-061708: Sheet Metal Problem (1 ans)

I have a modeled sheet metal part in Solid Edge-V20, and I have clear unfold length for the same in Solid Edge.
Q1-061608: Converting Solid Edge (1 ans)

I have been trying to convert my solid edge assembly to a step file so that I can use it in Navisworks.
Q1-061608: Converting Solid Edge

I have been trying to convert my solid edge assembly to a step file so that I can use it in Navisworks.
Q1-061608: Automation

I need to automate CADWorx output of BOM to Sage Software's MAS90 accounting package and PO generation package.
Q1-080610: Hardware requirement for TCE 2007 ( 2 ans)

Can any one suggest what could be the System (HW) architecture required to implement TCE 2007 for approximately 100 users concurrent.
Q1-080609: Helical Tubes (1 ans)

I'm trying to create a tube that follows a tapered helix.
Q1-080606: Assembly Cuts

When I make cuts on the assembly I lose orientation of my details.
Q1-080606: Communication Failure in TCE 9.1.2

We are running TCE 9.1.2 (DB-oracle in HP-UX, Windows 2003 for Application server).
Q1-080605: Motion (joints) For Stimulation Purposes

How can I use motion (joints) for simulation purpose?
Q5-080530: Solid Edge V19 and

What Dll do I have to use to interact in or C # with Solid Edge v19?
Q4-080530: Solid Edge V20 Standard Parts (1 ans)

Where can I go to download standard Solid Edge V20 parts?
Q3-080530: Dynamic Rendered Explosion in Solid Edge V18(1 an

I have a presentation for a customer in which I want to use the 'motion' application coupled with 'virtual studio'.
Q2-080530: Putting a Revit Model into Solid Edge (2 ans)

I want to get a Revit model into Solid Edge got any ideas?
Q1-080530: Solid Edge V20 Programming Relationships

I am working on a project and I have to move an object that is constrained to a curve.
Q2-080530: Assembly Documentation (2 ans)

How are the users in the community handling the documentation of very large assemblies?
Q3-080530: Importing SolidWorks to Solid Edge

I have a file from a customer that is a SolidWorks assembly file. I can easily open it in our Solid Edge but it comes in with zero geometry.
Q2-080530: Assembly Documentation

How are the users in the community handling the documentation of very large assemblies?
Q1-080530: Tool File Extraction

This is in reference to the Ideas tool file extraction. The scenario is that Team center is storing ideas file in its database.
Q1-080516: Error When Running VB.Net in Solid Edge V19

I'm doing an assembly in Solid Edge V19 using My program is running fine when I debug it from
Q2-080516: Customer Defaults in NX5

How can I load a changed Customer Default setting by itself when UGS is started?
Q1-080516: Applying Loads in NX5 (3 ans)

How do I create a distributed loads based upon length (span across) in NX5?
Q2-080509: Error in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

I'm doing an assembly in Solid Edge V19 using My program is running fine when I debug it from But when I try to run the .exe file there's an error. Can anyone help?
Q1-080509: Track Changes in Solid Edge V20 (2 ans)

I recently started a new job. The user who formerly used the computer I'm using had installed a second monitor of his own (which he took with him upon leaving).
Q2-080502: Revision Manager in Solid Edge V20 (3 ans)

I just started a new job and it is my first experience with Solid Edge. One of my entry level responsibilities is to move and rename a large group of files using revision manager.
Q1-080502: Programming in Solid Edge V20

I have created an Add-in for Solid Edge V20. In another utility exe I want to call or execute the Add-in command.
Q1-080502: Manufacturing in NX4 (1 ans)

How can I create the NC file in UGS manufacturing for different types of machines show me the process and way to find it?
Q3-080425: External Threading Issues with Solid Edge (5 ans)

Why can't I apply external threads to a cylinder properly?
Q2-080425: Solid Edge V19 Classic (1 ans)

Are files saved in Solid Edge Classic V20 capable of being opened in V19?
Q1-080425: Flexible Cable in Solid Edge V18

I want to add a flexible cable with two different sockets to an assembly of a PLC. How can I Accomplish this in Solid Edge V18?
Q2-080425: Splines and Studio Surfaces in NX3 (1 ans)

I am using the pole splines in NX3 with NXN Studio Surfaces.
Q1-080425: Printing in NX (2 ans)

How can I fix an SDI plotting error?
Q2-080422: Knowledge Fusion in NX4 (1 ans)

Does any one know the format for the curve extract function in Knowledge Fusion?
Q1-080422: Thermal Analysis in NX11

What is the correct method for setting a material heat transfer coefficient value for a thermal analysis model in NX11?
Q3-080418: Motion Simulation in NX4

How do you export a video file (mpeg, avi) from motion simulation environment in NX4?
Q2-080418: Teamcenter Client Setup (1 ans)

Can we access Teamcenter database from Customer? If so, what are the required things at the client side ?
Q1-080418: Drafting Views in NX2 (2 ans)

How do I place a shaded view of a model on a drawing sheet in NX2?
Q1-080416: Motion Simulation of a Spring in NX4

I know that it is possible to model a representation of a spring in motion simulator, but I was wondering if it is possible to actually show a spring being compressed in a simulation.
Q4-080415: Importing Curves by Table in Solid Edge V19

I am creating 2D circular segments from imaging data in a series of excel files. I would like to load in the circular segments to loft a solid model (a simple cylinder) in Solid Edge V19.
Q3-080415: Surface to Solid in Solid Edge V18 (1 ans)

Is it possible to convert a closed surface model in to solid model in Solid Edge V18?
Q2-080415: Importing Parasolids in Solid Edge V17

I used to be able to import parasolid files easily and all of a sudden it won't let me do it.
Q1-080415: Mouse Rotation View in Solid Edge V20

I am having some problems when I rotation model in parts or assembly environment with press wheel of my USB mouse
Q2-080414: Remote Desktop for Solid Edge V20 (1 ans)

I am trying to use remote desktop to log into my computer where the Solid Edge program is installed, which I can do, but when I try to open Solid Edge it tells me I don't have a valid license.
Q1-080414: Constraining Circular Profiles (1 ans)

I am learning Solid Edge V18 programming and I am a bit confused about constraining the profiles.
Q3-080408: Solid Edge V19 API Check Interference

We have written a code to check Interferences in an Assembly file. But unfortunately we are getting errors.
Q2-080408: InterPart Link in Solid Edge V19

I am working with Revision Manager and I am having a problem with InterPart Link in Solid Edge V19.
Q1-080408: VB Code to Run Solid Edge V17 Operations

I am a final year student at University, while doing my final year project which is a collaboration of Excel, Visual Basic and Solid Edge.
Q4-080408: Knowledge Fusion in NX4 (1 ans)

Does anyone know the function for mirror of curves in knowledge fusion in NX4?
Q3-080408: Adding Knurling in NX4 (2 ans)

What is the procedure to add a knurled finish to a cylindrical surface in NX4?
Q2-080408: Expressions in NX4 (2 ans)

I need the equivalent of if/then or some other boolean operator.
Q1-080408: Knurled Surface in NX4

How does one apply a knurled surface in NX4?
Q1-080402: Involute Curve in Solid Edge V17 (1 ans)

Does anyone have a basic excel template or other method to generate an involute curve for building spur gears in Solid Edge V17?
Q2-080402: Knowledge Fusion in NX4 (1 ans)

I am trying to find the intersection between a line and a curve.
Q1-080402: Templates in NX3

We use a lot of templates for manufacturing purposes. I was recently asked to create several precision templates on mat finished .004 mil mylar.
Q2-080331: Low Memory Problem in Solid Edge V20 (6 ans)

I have Solid Edge V20, 4GB RAM, Windows XP32 SP2, and I am having a problem with it saying low memory and then it crash with only 1.7GB RAM used.
Q1-080331: Dynamic Motion in Solid Edge V17 (1 ans)

I am having real problems when using the dynamic motion modeler with Solid Edge V17, I can't seem to attach a component to an already moving component.
Q1-080328: Keyboard Hot Keys in Solid Edge V19 (2 ans)

I'm trying to define keys for customization, but every time I go back in to add more, the older ones get wiped out.
Q1-080328: NX4 Free Form Feature Help (1 ans)

I am about to start some projects with plastic parts that contain complex 3D surfaces/features.
Q3-080325: Low Memory Prompt When Running Solid Edge (6 ans)

I am running a HP xw4400 workstation: core 2 duo 2.66 with 4 gig mem 667, video car is NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500. I am having this problem with memory.
Q2-080325: Translation Parts in Sheet Metal (3 ans)

I have been using Solid Edge for a number of years but have done little in the way of sheet metal.
Q1-080325: Translating a .dft File to a .dxf (1 ans)

I make a draft file in Solid Edge V18, and save it as a dxf, and print it out on a ZUND Plotter.
Q2-080318: Viewing Scale in Drawings in Solid Edge (3 ans)

I am making a standard draft environment for our company in Solid Edge V20. In the title block I would like to make visible the view scale.
Q1-080318: Windows Vista Ultimate and Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

Has anyone had video problems running Solid Edge V19 with Windows Vista Ultimate?
Q3-080314: Contact/Glue Analysis in NX5

I am currently modeling, meshing, and solving a problem regarding a two component part in NX5.
Q2-080314: Productivity in NX5 I-DEAS

Is there a way I can change the material within my FE model to keep the same boundary conditions?
Q1-080314: Smartcoding in TCX

Does anyone know about smartcoding in TCX?
Q3-080312: TVM Settings in NX5

Where are the TVM settings in NX5?
Q2-080312: Optimization Solution Tool in NX4

I am trying to do an optimization study using the Optimization Solution tool.
Q1-080312: Exporting from Teamcenter (4 ans)

What are the steps for exporting a model from Teamcenter to my C: drive to work in UGS native?
Q1-080311: Video Problems in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

I have a Dell Precision 390 with an NVIDIA 550 video card, when I try to zoom, Solid Edge V19 locks up and I have to shut down.
Q1-080310: Tutorials for Solid Edge V20 (1 ans)

Is there a way to add a tutorial to the current tutorials that come canned with the software?
Q4-080307: Family of Assemblies in Solid Edge V17

When using an assembly of parts, is it possible to use family of assemblies similar to family of parts in creating different lengths of the same assembly for different fabrications?
Q3-080307: Solid Edge V20 Standard Parts Library (1 ans)

Has anyone else had problems loading and/or using the Solid Edge V20 standard parts library?
Q2-080307: Deleting Background Sheets in Solid Edge (2 ans)

Does anyone have or know of a macro or add-in to automatically delete empty background sheets in a draft view?
Q1-080307: Gradient Background in Solid Edge V20 (2 ans)

Does anyone know how to set the background gradient?
Q3-080307: Connecting Teamcenter and Pro/E

I would like to connect Pro/ENGINEER to Teamcenter (TCUA).
Q2-080307: Curves & Surfaces in Knowledge Fusion NX4 (1 ans)

How can I measure the distance between curves and surfaces and use them in further calculations?
Q1-080307: Part Families Command in Knowledge Fusion

In Knowledge Fusion how do I use the Part Families command?
Q1-080225: Solid Edge V17 Patterns (1 ans)

Is it possible to Pattern an existing Pattern in Solid Edge V17 Assembly mode?
Q1-080222: Customization in Solid Edge V20 (2 ans)

I am doing some automation work for Solid Edge. I am getting some problems in draft automation. Has anyone done something in drafting automation?
Q4-080219: Threading a Cylinder in Solid Edge V17 (1 ans)

In the thread command on the ribbon bar, the thread type drop down box is blank, so I can not thread?
Q3-080219: Crash Issues in Solid Edge V20 (1 ans)

I have a really big problem. My Solid Edge Software crashes within 5 to 10 minutes of use.
Q2-080219: Internal Inconsistencies in Solid Edge V20 (2ans)

I made an assembly, but when I try to open it, I get this message: "This part has internal inconsistencies, please report to GTAC."
Q1-080219: Hole Table Color in Solid Edge V20 (1 ans)

How can I change the the table color in a hole table in Solid Edge V20?
Q2-080215: Solid Edge 2D Format Painter

Does Solid Edge have a format or attribute painter?
Q1-080215: Customization Tool in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

I am developing an application, which uses VB.NET.
Q2-080214: Datum Planes in NX3 or NX5 (2 ans)

How can I make a datum plane or plane or datum axis that is tangent to a surface at some point and this surface can be any shape in NX3 or NX5?
Q1-080214: Mapping Material and Weight in NX5 (2 ans)

How can I map material and weight attributes in drafting in NX5?
Q1-080213: Item Numbers in Draft/Assembly (1 ans)

Solid Edge V20 auto assigns item numbers to parts in an assembly, which appear on reports or when you auto-balloon in the draft mode.
Q2-080212: Loosing Links in Solid Edge V20 (1 ans)

I created an assembly with several parts that have interpart relationships.
Q1-080212: Memory Error in Solid Edge V19 (6 ans)

I'm running Solid Edge V19 under Windows XP and have 4GB ram. When working with a big 3D model I run out of memory anyone else with the same problem?
Q1-080212: Components in an Assembly in NX4 (2 ans)

I want find selected components from an assembly in NX4.
Q1-080206: Triggering a Shop Doc from a Post Processor in NX

I have customized my post as well as shop doc. What I am trying to do is to add a custom command to my post so that it triggers the shop doc and finally create two different files for me.
Q2-080205: Solid Edge Free 2D Drafting Tutorial (3 ans)

I am trying to go through the Solid Edge tutorials, but the step-by-step instructions column which should appear to the right side of screen is not appearing?
Q1-080205: Solid Edge V19 Insight (5 ans)

Is there anyone out there familiar with Insight?
Q1-080201: Modeling Motion in NX4 (2 ans)

I created a solid of an internal locking ring with a 71(-) inch radius in the expanded shape.
Q1-080201: Modeling Motion in NX4 (1 ans)

I created a solid of an internal locking ring with a 71 inch radius in the expanded shape.
Q1-080130: File Import in Solid Edge V20 (3 ans)

When importing models from other CAD packages, I sometimes find that the model does not sit at the x,y,z=0 origin of Solid Edge.
Q1-080129: Compression Spring Ends in NX4 (1 ans)

How does one draw a compression spring with ends that are squared and ground in NX4?
Q1-080128: Color Mapping for Plots in NX4

How can I do color mapping in NX4?
Q2-080125: IGS Files in NX3 (2 ans)

I am having a problem opening a 1GB IGS file in NX3.
Q1-080125: Monochrome Printing in NX4

I have a EPSON STYLUS 1200 printer. I used NX plotadmin to install this printer and its working fine with color plots.
Q1-080123: Complex Meshing and FE Solving in NX5

I made a complex roll cage design model for my research project.
Q3-080123: Mouse Cursor in UGS

In Drafting, while inserting Base or Auxiliary Views, if I don't drag and click in less than 1 second, the mouse cursor snaps to the upper left edge of the drawing sheet.
Q2-080123: Creating a CAM Shaft in NX4

How do I create a CAM Shaft in NX4?
Q1-080122: Involute Shapes in Solid Edge V20 (8 ans)

How can I create involute splines and gears in Solid Edge V20?
Q1-080121: Solid Edge Training Courses (3 ans)

I am looking for an introductory course in Solid Edge that is offered in the South Florida area.
Q2-080118: Creating a Closed End Spring in Solid Edge (1ans)

How do I create a closed end and squared compression springs in Solid Edge V19 or V20?
Q1-080118: Converting a Solid Edge File from V20-V19 (3 ans)

Is their any way to convert a Solid Edge V20 Drafting Files into Solid Edge V19?
Q1-080117: Ufunc Code in NX4

I am trying to get the Ufunc code for getting the coordinates from a sketch into spread sheet in NX4.
Q2-080115: Dimensioning in Solid Edge V19 (3 ans)

How do I pick the keypoints of corner radii or fillets to dimension to their apparent intersections in Solid Edge V19?
Q2-080115: Dimensioning in Solid Edge V19 (2 ans)

How do I pick the keypoints of corner radii or fillets to dimension to their apparent intersections in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-080115: Opening an Assembly Created in Solid Edge (3 ans)

I am having trouble opening an assembly created on another machine in Solid Edge V20 with my machine that only has Solid Edge V19.
Q3-080115: Printer Installation with NX2 (2 ans)

How Can I Install a Printer in NX2?
Q2-080115: Exporting a JPEG Image from NX4

When I export a model to a JPEG format the image is a mirror image what is the problem?
Q1-080115: Load Case Combination in NX5

How do I use load case combination in NX5?
Q1-080111: Variable Table in Solid Edge V20 (1 ans)

Is there a way to make the Variable Table start automatically when a file is opened in Solid Edge V20?
Q2-080111: Inserting a Row to a Tabular Note in NX3

I am unable to insert a new row to an existing part list(UF_tabular_note_section_subtype) using ufunc api.
Q1-080111: Error Importing a DWG into NX5 (1 ans)

When importing .dwg files that were created in FabCAD the piece comes into NX5 scaled down to approximately 4% of the original size.
Q1-080107: Part Properties in Solid Edge V16 (1 ans)

I would like to be able to set the bend radius to automatically update to the value entered for the material thickness.
Q1-080107: Hole Chart in NX3

I get the following error when I try to open the Hole Chart from the GM Toolkit: Failed to load image - see log file for details.
Q1-080104: Property Text Date in Solid Edge V19 (3 ans)

I have made a template with all the text in the background. All of the variables are pulled from the titleblock template or the part/assembly file being dimensioned.
Q1-080104: Blank vs. Suppress in NX4 (5 ans)

What is the difference between Blank and Suppress in NX4?
Q3-080103: Animation Conversion in Solid Edge

I am trying to find a simple way to convert a Solid Edge animation into Flash (FLA project files not FLV video files).
Q2-080103: Sketches in Solid Edge V20 (2 ans)

I use the Family of Assemblies often, but find it frustrating when I can not create a new Sketch after I make it a family of assemblies.
Q1-080103: Inserting a Body in Solid Edge V20 (1 ans)

How can I insert a body in a 3D environment in Solid Edge V20?
Q2-071226: Macro Editing in NX3

How do I create a macro in NX3 and use it externally through C++ or VC++ program?
Q1-071226: TcM Rich Client Installation Problems (1 ans)

I am currently installing Teamcenter Manufacturing 2007. But I have run into a big problem.
Q1-071217: Sub-Assembly Call Outs in Solid Edge V19 (2 ans)

We recently integrated custom quick callouts referencing to our models specs. in our draft files.
Q1-071213: Drafting Sections in NX5 (1 ans)

How do I change a drafting section symbol to the AISC balloon type arrangement or where can I download additional drafting standards?
Q1-071212: Extracting Points in Solid Edge V20 (1 ans)

Is there is a way to extract points from splines or curve and convert them to x,y.z coordinates in table excel form?
Q1-071212: Functionality from I-DEAS 12 NX (1 ans)

Next year we will be moving from I-DEAS 12 NX to NX. I was hoping someone could give me some insight and comparisons of both programs.
Q2-071210: Assembly Condition in Solid Edge V20 (4 ans)

In UGS NX, there is a particular mating condition called Center, with which you could center one or two faces between two other faces, really a nice tool for positioning, say, a screw in a slots.
Q1-071210: Changing Dimension Style in Solid Edge V19 (1ans)

I want to change the Dimension Style from Fractional ANSI(Inch) to decimal ANSI(Inch) in Solid Edge V19.
Q2-071210: Manufacturing in NX3 (3 ans)

How do I model a convex or Corner Round cutter using 5 Parameter, 7 Parameter or 10 Parameter template in NX3?
Q1-071210: Assembly in NX3 (2 ans)

I accidentally deleted parts in assembly tree (not really accidentally, because of converting into IGES) and now on preview I can see the whole assembly but when I open it those parts are missing, and in draft I can see all the dimensions and everything but the model is missing.
Q2-071206: Changing Dimensions from Metric to US (3 ans)

The Problem I have is that I'm receiving drawings from Europe and I need to change all the dimensions from metric to US standards in Solid Edge V19.
Q1-071206: Drawing Practices in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

What is the current practice with 2D drawings produced from 3D solid models where propriety parts are used ie bearings, oil seals, motors etc in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-071206: UGS Digital Manufacturing Solutions

We are planning to implement UGS Digital Manufacturing solutions. Because of huge software expenses involved, we will not buy the suite but plan to build piece by piece.
Q1-071204: Reference Planes in Solid Edge V20 (2 ans)

How do I make reference planes, like coincident parallel planes, parallel planes, etc and change their axis in Solid Edge V20?
Q2-071203: Solid Edge V19 Working Display (1 ans)

When I select variables from the tools pull-down menu they do not appear.
Q1-071203: Solid Edge V16 and Windows (1 ans)

My company is currently using Solid Edge V16 with Windows NT2000 as the operating system.
Q1-071129: Error Converting NX3 to IGES (2 ans)

I got an error when I tried to export the 80mb NX3.prt into IGES.
Q1-071128: Tutorials for NX4 (2 ans)

Where can I find tutorials and videos about NX4?
Q1-071127: Migrating to NX5 (1 ans)

Does anyone know of a better reference than the cross reference for people migrating from SolidWorks or Inventor to NX5?
Q2-071126: Placing Variables in the List of Pieces

How can I place variables in the list of pieces in the plane environment in Solid Edge?
Q1-071126: Textures and Transparency in Solid Edge V20(2ans)

If I apply a transparency to a texture, selecting the color of the texture, the texture is no longer visible on the surface.
Q1-071126: Opening a Part in NX5 (2 ans)

I am having problems opening a part (model) in NX5.
Q1-071119: Drawing in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

In the main screen, if I click on drawing, it enters the 2D environment and works properly.ut, if I click on either solid part or assembly, I can see only the toolbars, but not the working screen.
Q1-071119: Tutorials for RoboCAD (1 ans)

I'm trying to find any tutorials, videos or any other suggestion on RoboCAD.
Q1-071116: Sheet Metal in NX4 (2 ans)

Can I unfold a complex sheet metal part in NX4?
Q1-071115: Converting ASM Files to DWG in Solid Edge V20

I want to produce a 3D symbols library using our finished assemblies so that our dealers can plan kitchen layouts.
Q2-071115: Constraints in Assemblies in NX5 (3 ans)

Is it possible that all the constraints can be shown and I can edit the constraints in NX5?
Q1-071115: Converting Assembly Files From NX4 to NX3 (4 ans)

How can I convert assembly files from NX4 to NX3 with parameters?
Q2-071114: Retrieving Custom Properties in Solid Edge V18

I want to retrieve custom properties available in the Assembly Occurrences through programming with VB6?
Q1-071114: UGS Reference Sets in Solid Edge V18

I need to be able to use a single part in different configurations in different assemblies.
Q3-071114: Curved Spring in NX3 (1 ans)

How can I make a curved spring in NX3?
Q2-071114: Check Mate in NX3

I want to check the tolerance for the components in an assembly.
Q1-071114: Going from SolidWorks to NX5 (3 ans)

I was proficient in SolidWorks and I am now moving to NX5. What would be a good training regimen for crossing platforms?
Q2-071108: Protrusion in Solid Edge V19 (5 ans)

In Solid Edge a protrusion take place perpendicular to a sketch. But I want create it along with the direction of the axis, edge or curve.
Q1-071108: Forming Operation in Solid Edge V19

In Solid Edge V19 I do a lot of sheet metal part design and I am having trouble creating forming operation.
Q3-071105: Clone File in NX3

I could not make clone assembly in NX3.
Q2-071105: NX4 Cast (2 ans)

When I click training from help it shows a help error "Could not start cast please check the UGII_CAST environment variable setting".
Q1-071105: Drawings in NX2 (1 ans)

How can I use more than one reference set in a drawing?
Q1-071101: Controlling the BOM in Solid Edge V18 (2 ans)

I am working on a project that has many purchased part and sub-assemblies in the final system. and We want the BOM to reflect all the purchased parts.
Q3-071101: Running NX4 and SolidWorks (2 ans)

I have both NX4 and SolidWorks installed on the same system. I am having a problem with the file icons.
Q2-071101: Unable to Open NX4 (1 ans)

I receive the following message when opening NX4: "Fatal error detected unable to continue".
Q1-071101: External Mode of JAVA API in NX4 or NX5

How can I start the External Mode Program of NXOpen in JAVA API?
Q2-071031: Teamcenter Hardware Platform (1 ans)

I am looking for a dedicated server to use with Teamcenter.
Q1-071031: Running NX4 From an External Drive (1 ans)

I'd like to run NX4 or later on my Dell M90 but will need a new hard drive since the one I have is full.
Q2-071029: Repositioning Components in NX3 (1 ans)

I am having trouble repositioning the components in an assembly in NX3.
Q1-071029: Sketch and Expressions in NX (1 ans)

Is it possible to lock a dimension in sketch in NX?
Q1-071026: Converting Solid Edge Files to NX3

Can I convert Solid Edge (.par and .asm) files into NX3 part files (.prt) and assembly files that are editable?
Q1-071025: Data Conversion in NX4 (1 ans)

I am not able to convert an NX4 .prt into a Solid IGES.
Q1-071024: Sheet Metal Development Drawing (4 ans)

How can I get a developed 2D drawing of a sheet metal part in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-071024: Errors when Modeling in NX3

We are using UGS NX3 software for modeling. After opening some of the .prt files, two messages are being displayed on the screen.
Q1-071022: Solid Edge V19 Crashing Problem (1 ans)

I can open the program fine and start a new part or whatever I need. Then I will be working and about 10 minutes into it the entire program will just close.
Q1-071019: Solaris I-deas Data Migration to Windows (1 ans)

We are trying to migrate our Sun Solaris installation of I-deas to Windows XP.
Q1-071018: Plus/Minus & Degree Symbols in Solid Edge (3 ans)

Is there a way to insert a degree symbol or plus/minus symbol into a table in Solid Edge V20?
Q1-071015: Upgrading to Solid Edge V20 (2 ans)

Why should I upgrade to Solid Edge V20?
Q1-071012: Sketch in NX3 (1 ans)

I have put a link to a dimension from one part to another part using Expressions & Interpart Reference.
Q1-071010: Motion Simulation in NX4

I need to create motion simulation for a drill press.
Q1-071008: Curve(s) from a Table in Solid Edge V17 (2 ans)

I want to create 40 curves that is an airfoil shape representing sections of a wing.
Q1-071005: Purging Unused/Unnecessary Files in Solid Edge

Is there a way to increase my performance and reduce my file size by eliminating unwanted properties in Solid Edge V18?
Q2-071003: Speeding Up Operation in NX3 or NX5 (1 ans)

I need to go to assembly navigator and highlight the first item and right click to get property commend and open this to choose attribute window and select all the content and copy and paste to a word document or word pand document and save it to the same directory as this .prt file.
Q1-071003: Error Message in NX5 (2 ans)

The files created 30 days before are showing an error message. But I am able to create new files from NX5.
Q2-071002: Problem in Draft View in Solid Edge V18 (1 ans)

I usually have to use a lot of pipes in my designs for vacuum lines.
Q1-071002: UNC Path Vs Mapped Drive in Solid Edge V20 (4ans)

We recently started using Solid Edge and we have a few engineers that share a folder on the server for systems.
Q1-071001: NX5 CAM Express (1 ans)

We're looking into purchasing NX CAM Express for programming our 2D, 3D and mill turn work.
Q1-070928: Required Graphics to Run Solid Edge V20

With vista I only appear to have 335mb of total available graphics memory, and says only 64mb of dedicated video memory.
Q1-070926: Sketching on Sheet Metal in Solid Edge V20 (1ans)

Does anybody know how to get a sketch on a sheet metal face to stay in position during bending and flattening in Solid Edge V20?
Q1-070924: Opening a Part in NX4 (3 ans)

I am unable to open my part in NX4.
Q1-092107: Electrical Control Panel in Solid Edge V18 (2ans)

We are the water treatment solution providers and work on RO technology. Its a complete automated process.
Q1-092107: Arrow Sizing for Drafting in NX3 (2 ans)

For some reason on a particular part, the arrows have automatically sized to be very large, why is that?
Q1-092007: Counting Parts in Solid Edge V18

How can we have a variable that counts the number of parts inserted in an assembly in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-092007: Rotating a Hinge Component in NX3 (2 ans)

I assembled a hinge to an axis and want to rotate the hinge with my mouse in NX3.
Q2-091807: Importing Windows Fonts into NX3

Can you import windows fonts into NX3?
Q1-091807: Setting a Plotter in NX4

How do I set a plotter, to take a 1:1 scale print in NX4?
Q3-091707: Ruled Surface Command in NX3 (2 ans)

I tried to use ruled command to make a mesh surface but the commend window is limited to not show any content within.
Q2-091707: Clone Assembly File in NX3

I used to clone assembly file successfully in NX4. But NX3 would not work anymore.
Q1-091707: Spread Sheets in NX3 or NX5 (1 ans)

I have some .csv files and they contain lots of info including weld points coordinates, weld materials, gages, etc.
Q1-091407: Revision Manager in Solid Edge V20 (3 ans)

Has any one else experienced any problem with the Revision Manager not finding all the parts files in an Assembly which reside on a network in Solid Edge V20?
Q2-091307: Memory Problem in Solid Edge V20 (8 ans)

I'm running Windows Vista with 1g of ram. Every single time I attempt to build a part, it will freeze displaying "not responding" in Solid Edge V20.
Q1-091307: Editing Older Parts in Solid Edge V19

I'm having trouble editing older sheet metal parts in Solid Edge V19.
Q2-091307: Machining Time in NX4 (1 ans)

How can I see the total machining time on an NX4 CAM module?
Q1-091307: Problems with NX5 (1 ans)

Anybody else having problems with NX5 (CAM side)?
Q1-091207: Helix on an Arc in NX4 (1 ans)

I would like to make the helix follow an arc in NX4.
Q1-091107: Video Card Upgrade

I have a NVIDIA Quadro FX 1400 video card. Do you think I will see a significant performance gain switching to a FX1500 or a FX3450 in Solid Edge?
Q1-091007: Parts Assembly in Solid Edge V20

I would like to limit an objects movement by a "freeform" shape in another object, when assembling them in Solid Edge V20.
Q1-091007: Drawing View in NX4 (1 ans)

When I pull down the part navigator, it shows the drawings.
Q1-090707: Decimal Comma Display in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

How can I change the display of decimal point to comma when the callout that is derived from a variable table is placed in drawing in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-090607: Restoring a Model in NX3 (1 ans)

In NX3 can you restore a model that was closed but not saved due to power problem or UGS window closes due to some error?
Q2-090507: Sheet Metal Design Module in NX4 (1 ans)

I am wondering if there is a way to show the material flow when forming a sheet metal part using the NX4 sheet metal design module?
Q1-090507: Saving Toolbar Positions in NX3

Our system is not loading the user.mtx file, It works fine when exit/enter UGS NX3 but not after Windows logout.
Q1-090307: Adding Mate/Assembly Reference to a Part (2 ans)

How do I add the assembly reference or the mate reference to a part in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-090307: Configuring a Mouse in NX2 (1 ans)

I am trying to configure my mouse in NX2. Currently my left click, scroll and middle button do nothing.
Q1-083107: Variables Function in Solid Edge V19 (3 ans)

In the variable table I've 2 variables "v1 & v2". Now I need to create a new variable "v3" which should take the maximum value between "v1 & v2".
Q3-083107: Unfolding a Formed Part in NX3 ( 2 ans)

How can I unfold a formed part that was not created by the sheet metal application i.e. an extruded profile using a modeling application in NX3?
Q2-083107: NX2 to NX4 Migration

For some strange reason NX4 works fine but the "Resource Bar" refuses to work.
Q1-083107: Flat Pattern in NX3 or NX4 (1 ans)

The Drawing file created was assembled in another file. These files are NX3. When I open this drawing file, it shows a message as "Flat Pattern Failed to Load".
Q2-083007: Retrieving Cut Length Value in Solid Edge V18

How can I retrieve the total cut length of wire used in Wire harness Assembly in the Draft in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-083007: Mass Readout in Variable Table (1 ans)

How do I get the mass of my part as a variable in the variable table in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-083007: Animated Display of Part Data in NX4

How can I set up automatic animated screen display (like a slow movie) of part data in a defined route, and how do I define the route in NX4?
Q1-082807: Text Curves in NX3

How can I create Text Curves in Grip in NX3?
Q1-082407: Angular Dimensioning in NX3 (2 ans)

How do I get Angular Dimensions to show correctly in NX3?
Q1-082307: Standard Dimension Prefix in Solid Edge (1 ans)

I would like to create a standard dimension prefix for hole callouts in Solid Edge V19.
Q1-082207: Memory Access Violation in NX5

I am trying to use the Strength Wizard in the latest released version of UGS NX5.
Q1-082107: User Defined Features in NX3

I have created some UDFs, but in the process I made some incorrect entries. How can I delete the icon names in the "No Library", or any library, menu window so the names may be used again?
Q1-082007: Converting Un-Parametric to Parametric (1 ans)

How can I Convert an Un-parametric cylinder to parametric cylinder in NX2?
Q2-082007: WCS in UGS NX2 (2 ans)

In UGS NX2 what is the use of WCS?
Q2-081707: Tutorials for Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

When going to use tutorials the next button at the top does not show up, is there a fix for this?
Q1-081707: Part Finder in Solid Edge V19

I have been getting the following error "cannot start partfinder.exe".
Q2-081607: Drafting Specification File in NX2 (1 ans)

What is the Drafting Specification File in NX2?
Q1-081607: Sharp Blend End in NX3 (1 ans)

Does anyone knows how to build a Blending Operation with SHARP END in NX3?
Q1-081407: File Version Compatibility Problem (2 ans)

How can I open a part file created by Solid Edge V19 in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-081407: Sheet Metal Tutorials for NX2 (1 ans)

Where can I get sheet metal tutorials for NX2?
Q2-081307: Migration from Solid Edge V18 to Solid Edge(2ans)

I am a freelancer I am using Solid Edge 18 but now my client is migrating to V19 will there be any problem in creating and openings files in different versions?
Q1-081307: Virtual Components in Solid Edge V19

Does anyone know how to use the Visual Basic command 'AddAsPreDefined' in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-081307: Export Part List to Excel from NX4

I have a question on how to export a part list to an excel spread sheet from NX4.
Q1-080907: Solid Edge V19 in Wireharness

We can’t make flat cables in wireharness in Solid Edge V19.
Q1-080907: I-DEAS in NX11 (1 ans)

Where can we get the PDF format book for I-DEAS in NX11?
Q1-080807: Expressions in NX3

I want to know how to use expressions in assembly in NX3?(push concept)
Q2-080807: Help in UGS NX3 (4 ans)

I have many questions about the use of UGS NX3.
Q1-080707: Creating Automatic Text in Solid Edge

In Solid Edge draft environment, how can I create automatically text or any type of file that lists the blocks inserted in the document?
Q1-080707: Importing UGS Bulk Data to Teamcenter

I want to know how to import bulk UGS data into Teamcenter and also auto assign the part number.
Q1-080207: Simulation and Analysis in Solid Edge (1 ans)

Can someone tell me about Simulation and Analysis in Solid Edge?
Q2-080207: Opening An Assembly File in NX4 (2 ans)

I used to open an assembly file by double clicking the file name and all the components show on the screen.
Q1-080207: Converting NX3 Files to NX2 Files (1 ans)

Can anybody tell me how to convert NX3 files to NX2 other than a Parasolid?
Q1-080107: Joining Parts in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

I would like to join a few separate parts together into one joined part in Solid Edge V19.
Q1-080107: Invoking Analysis -> Distance Menu (1 ans)

How do I invoke the Analysis -> Distance Menu using UFUNC programming in NX2 or NX4?
Q1-073107: NX4 Tutorials (1 ans)

Where can I get some good tutorials for NX4?
Q1-073007: Creating a Short Cut to Solid Edge (1 ans)

I'm running Windows Vista and I can't find the .exe file to create a short cut to Solid Edge on my desk top.
Q1-073007: Converting CATIA V5 to UGS NX4

How can I convert a CATIA V5 file to UGS NX4?
Q2-072707: Surface Modeling in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

I'm trying to create a surface using Solid Edge V19 but I cant achieve it.
Q1-072707: File Property Link in Solid Edge V19 (3 ans)

I was wondering if it is possible to link the file properties of a part or assembly to a file derived from it?
Q2-072707: Error While Loading a DLL in NX4

I am getting the following error "Failed to load image - See log file for details Function Name: Main" when loading a DLL in NX4.
Q1-072707: Converting CATIA V5 to NX4 (4 ans)

Does anyone know how to convert a CATIA V5 drawing to NX4?
Q1-072607: Programming in Solid Edge V19 2D (1 ans)

I have a load of experience programming Macros and Trail files (Pro/E) and have recently found Solid Edge 2D for free and want to try it for programming.
Q1-072507: Seed File in NX2 (1 ans)

What is a seed file's importance in UGS NX2?
Q2-072407: Wide Format Printers and Scanners with Solid Edge

We are in the process of purchasing a new Wide Format Printer/Scanner.
Q1-072407: Drawing Worm Gears in Solid Edge V19 (4 ans)

Can anyone tell me how to model worm gears in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-072307: CAM Design in Solid Edge V19

How can I design a 4 segmented CAM which has 2 dwell and 1 rise and 1 fall, using Solid Edge V19 Engineering that reference's CAM designer?
Q2-071907: 2D Geometry in NX4 (1 ans)

Is there any function in NX4 for finding the centroid of a 2D geometry?
Q1-071907: Cast in UGS

Can somebody tell me where can I get a free UGS cast?
Q1-071807: Exporting 2D Solid Edge V18 Files (1 ans)

I am trying to export 2D Solid Edge V18 files to AutoCAD 2000.
Q1-071807: Reading of CAD Files Using JAVA

How can I read Cad Files such as .PRT files using JAVA?
Q2-071607: Custom User Defined Features in NX3 (1 ans)

We are running UG/NX3 native on Dell Precision 490 PCs.
Q1-071307: Installing NX4 on a New Vista Machine (1 ans)

I am unable to get the NX4 FLEXLM software installed onto Windows Vista.
Q2-071207: STEP Translation in NX3

When opening or importing any new STEP files, a previously imported STEP file is included in the translation.
Q1-071207: Sheet Color in Drafting in NX4 (1 ans)

How can I change the sheet color in drafting in NX4?
Q1-071107: Solid Edge Embedded Client Community (1 ans)

Is there a Solid Edge Embedded Client Community site?
Q1-071107: Mirror Certification Module in NX4

Can someone tell me about the mirror certification module in UGS NX4?
Q2-071007: File Conversions in Solid Edge V17 (2 ans)

Does anyone know how to convert Solid Edge V17 assembly files in such a way that when opened by SolidWorks or other, they are a single entity?
Q1-071007: Zoom/View Problems in Solid Edge V18 (3 ans)

I was working on a .dft document and zoomed in on a detail in Solid Edge V18.
Q1-071007: Assembly Machining in NX4 (1 ans)

I am new to UGS and am having problems figuring out how to make machine features in an assembly.
Q1-070907: Visual Basics in Solid Edge (1 ans)

How can I do Customization in Solid Edge using Visual Basics?
Q1-070907: Expressions in NX4

How do I use Expressions in NX4?
Q1-070507: Finding the Center of Gravity in NX3 (2 ans)

How do I find the center of gravity in NX3?
Q1-070407: Configuration States in Solid Edge V19

Is there a macro available to reactivate and re-save all the configuration states in an existing assembly in Solid Edge V19?
Q2-070407: Generating a CAM Program in NX4

What is the procedure for generating a CAM program in NX4?
Q1-070407: IGES File Format in UGS

I need a detailed explanation of the various terms involved in an IGES file format.
Q2-070307: Converting B Spline/Curve Coordinate Data

Is it possible to convert X.Y.Z coordinates from a b-spline or curves into an excel table in Solid Edge V20?
Q1-070307: Auto-Constraint in Solid Edge V20 (2 ans)

Is it possible to auto-constrain components in an assembly which was brought in from a non-history based CAD system like OSD (Co-Create) in Solid Edge V20?
Q2-070207: Lost Variable Table in Solid Edge V18 (1 ans)

I inadvertently dragged my part variable table off the bottom of the screen in Solid Edge V18.
Q1-070207: Dimension Extraction in Solid Edge V18 (1 ans)

Is there a way to extract the dimensions from 2D drawings/3D models into an excel spreadsheet in Solid Edge V18?
Q3-062807: Teamcenter/NX Manager (1 ans)

How do you set up Drawing Templates in Teamcenter with NX Manager?
Q2-062807: Export Expression in an Excel Sheet in NX4

I went to tool > expression > hit the excel icon, then pop out an excel sheet. But the UGS window froze each time I did this. Can anybody explain why?
Q1-062807: Tool Design in NX4

How can we find out the blank development of forming sheet metal components in NX4 (how can use the meta form)?
Q1-062707: Making a Clone File in NX4

Can anybody show me how to make a clone file step by step in NX4?
Q1-062507: Setting a Small Scale in Solid Edge V19 (4 ans)

How can one set a smaller scale for larger parts so they won't overrun the paper size chosen in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-062507: Gear Profile in NX4

How can we draw a gear profile in NX4 through equation?
Q1-062207: Item igUnit Distance in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

I am trying to Program a BOM automated retrieval, completely except I have to translate Mass, Volume, and Area from km/mm to lbs, in, etc.
Q1-062207: Creating an Envelope Body in NX3

how can I create an associative swept body to define the envelope that a conrod creates during a rotation cycle in NX3?
Q1-062107: Unable to See Models in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

After installing Solid Edge V19 I can't open a part.
Q1-062007: Part Configurations in Solid Edge V18

We have a requirement for a belt to have several different shapes, but the same part number (as the belt is the same but used on pulleys in different positions).
Q1-061907: Reference Points in NX4 (1 ans)

How can I export the X,Y,Z values of a point into MS Excel using NX4?
Q1-061807: Manage Library in Solid Edge V19 (2 ans)

I want to use a central library where all of my team have common access in Solid Edge V19.
Q1-061507: UFunc/KF/GRIP (1 ans)

What are the differences between UFunc, KF and GRIP?
Q1-061307: Helical Protrusion Around a Curved Axis (1 ans)

How do I create a helical protrusion around a curved axis in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-061207: Cutout Along Inner Curve in Solid Edge V19

How do I go about creating rectangular cutouts along the inner surface of a cylinder in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-061107: Gear Profile in NX4 (1 ans)

How can we draw a gear profile in NX4?
Q1-060807: Text Profile in Solid Edge V18

I'm having difficulties creating a text profile along a curve in Solid Edge V18.
Q1-060807: Spaceball Macros in UGS NX3

It seems to except all commands when saving the macro, but the buttons I select for the macro will not activate the command.
Q1-060707: Rotate and Copy in NX (1 ans)

Is there a way to copy, rotate and offset numerous faces across a certain distance in NX?
Q1-060507: Orienting the Name Display in Model Space

Does anyone know how to orientate the name display in model space in NX4?
Q2-060407: Creating a Etch in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

I am using Solid Edge sheet metal environment to create text profiles that I want etched with our laser.
Q1-060407: Solid Edge Basics (4 ans)

What materials are available for a beginner to learn Solid Edge basics?
Q1-060407: Conversion of a 3D Solid Body to Skin in NX5

I am heaving trouble converting a 3D Solid Body to Skin in NX5.
Q1-053107: Knowledge Fusion in NX3

Where can I find a good tutorial on Knowledge Fusion in NX3?
Q2-053007: Show CenterLine & Center Mark in Drawing (1 ans)

How can I make the center line or center mark of a hole shown in drawing in NX4?
Q1-053007: Pattern in Drafting in NX2

In drafting how is Pattern used in NX2?
Q1-052907: Questions in Solid Edge V18 (3 ans)

I have three questions about Solid Edge V18 can someone help me with these?
Q2-052907: Computer Aided Design of Modular Fixtures (1 ans)

Is it possible to carry out a project on "computer aided design of modular fixtures" in NX4?
Q1-052907: Data Transfer in the NX Series (3 ans)

What do JT files mean in NX?
Q1-052807: Connecting to Teamcenter

How can I connect to the Teamcenter database using my own application?
Q3-052507: Bumper Design in NX4

I am trying to start Bumper Design in NX4 without any knowledge of it.
Q2-052507: Turning Closed Surfaces into Solids in NX4 (1ans)

I have some closed sheet bodies. Is there any way to turn those closed sheets into a solid in NX4?
Q1-052507: Start Error in NX3 (3 ans)

I installed the NX3 on new machine. When I started it, the error dialog is displayed.
Q1-052307: Simulation Tutorial in Solid Edge V19 (4 ans)

I am a new user to Solid Edge. Can anyone tell me where to get a good tutorial for simulation in Solid Edge V19?
Q2-052207: Drawing Borders and Title Block (1 ans)

Is it possible to replace the drawing border and title block used on a drawing with another in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-052207: Sharing Designs in Solid Edge V19 (2 ans)

I am working with a manufacturer. I have designed a product with Solid Edge V19. They do not have solid modeling software.
Q1-052207: Data Transfer in UGS NX

How do I transfer data from UGS to another S/W at the UCS instead of WCS, Without going thru --> Open--> Transfer/orient?
Q1-052107: Tutorials for Knowledge Fusion NX4 (1 ans)

I am looking for tutorials for Knowledge Fusion NX4, can some body tell from where I can find it.
Q1-051807: Sketch Dimension Visibility in NX2 (2 ans)

Is there a way to view dimensions of a sketch while not actually editing the sketch in NX2?
Q1-051707: Attach Property Table to an Object (1 ans)

I'm trying to attach a custom attribute to a face/edge/vertex using Property Tables in Solid Edge V19.
Q1-051607: Web Friendly Animations in Solid Edge

I Am building a website for a client that uses Solid Edge, and he would like to render a web friendly animation of his design for use on his website.
Q1-051607: Setting Shortcut Keys in NX3 (1 ans)

How do you set the shortcut keys to the commands in UGS NX3?
Q1-051407: API Select Functions in Solid Edge V19 (2 ans)

Is there an API function to select something on the screen (a sketch, a part, etc) in Solid Edge V19?
Q2-051407: Creating a Gear Using Expressions in UGS

How can I create a gear profile in UGS using Expressions?
Q1-051407: Modeling in UGS NX3

How can we check compound angle between two entities in one command in UGS NX3?
Q1-051107: Configuring Solid Edge V17 (1 ans)

Is there a configuration file I can set up my k-factor, material, radius, export line types, etc so that each new drawing opens with these defaults in Solid Edge V17?
Q1-051107: Surfaces in UGS NX3 (2 ans)

Is there any way to trim a surface and keep both side in one shot in NX3?
Q1-051007: TIFF Export File in NX4

In Unigraphics NX4 I produced a model of a fixture or gauge. I then drafted this model and often have several drawing sheets.
Q1-050907: Converting Un-Parametric Into Parametric (1 ans)

Can anyone tell me how to convert an un-parametric model into parametric in NX3 so that there is no extra features added in the part history?
Q7-050807: Support for Solid Edge V18 (1 ans)

Where can we find decent support for Solid Edge V18?
Q5-050807: Managing Drawings in Solid Edge V18

In Manage Tools there is a tick box "Always upload to server but leave document checked out to me". If it is ticked (i.e. on) it then switches off how do you set it to ALWAYS stay on?
Q4-050807: PF Usage in Solid Edge V18

Is it normal for Solid Edge to stop responding when the PF Usage gets to 2.2 Gig?
Q3-050807: Lost Work in Solid Edge V18

We use insight connect to manage our documents on a server.
Q2-050807: Material List in Solid Edge V18 (1 ans)

Is it possible to place a material list of and assembly drawing on more than one sheet in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-050807: System Performance in Solid Edge V18

Is there some kind of benchmark test that can be run on our server and PC’s to test the performance to see if there is a speed problem in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-050707: Changing the Name of Materials From API

I Have a question about API for Solid Edge V19.
Q1-050707: Rib in NX4 (3 ans)

How can I create a rib in NX4?
Q2-050407: Duplicate Models in NX3 To SolidWorks 2006

I'm having some issues when I export 3D models as step from NX3 to SolidWorks 2006.
Q1-050407: Sketcher in UGS NX3 (1 ans)

What is the Dimensional Constraints Tab used for in Infer Constrain Settings in NX3?
Q1-050307: Cabling, Wires in NX3

How do you create a model showing a pair of twisted wires each approx. 1/16 in diameter?
Q2-042707: Lost Tracking Bar in NX4 (1 ans)

I inadvertently closed my tracking bar after editing some curve parameters and have been unable to restore it in NX4.
Q1-042707: How Many Times a Component is Used in NX3 (12ans)

In NX3 how can I find out how many times a component has been used in an assembly without counting?
Q1-042507: Scaling an Entire Model in NX4 (2 ans)

Is there a way to scale an entire imported solid model in NX4?
Q1-042407: Printing in Solid Edge V19 (2 ans)

I want to print out a drawing in Solid Edge V19 that is a scale of 1:1 ie the exact design size.
Q3-042407: Circular Text in NX3 & NX4 (2 ans)

I was wondering if it is possible to create a text that follows a circular path; in other words: how do I create a circular text?
Q2-042407: Display Object Name in Model View in NX4 (1 ans)

How can I display the name of an object in the model view in NX4?
Q1-042407: Plotting the Results of a Round Line in NX3

Does anyone know how to set the plot procedure to get the result of a round/circular line of plotting is smooth line without being jagged in NX3?
Q1-042307: VBA for Solid Edge 14 or Above (2 ans)

Where can I find a free programmers guide for Solid Edge 14 or above?
Q1-042307: Fatal Error After Installing NX4 (15 ans)

I install the UGS NX4 and FLEXLM successfully.After that I restart my computer and Try to open UGS,the error comes as below. FATAL ERROR OCCURS..NOT POSSIBLE TO CONTINUE.
Q3-041907: Drawing Tablet Scale in Solid Edge V17

I am having difficulty establishing how to set the drawing tablet scale in nominal draft for drawing large dimensions in Solid Edge V17 ie 20mtrs.
Q2-041907: 3D Wire-Frame in Solid Edge V19

How can I get 3D wire-frame data into Solid Edge V19?
Q1-041907: Drawings in Solid Edge V18 (1 ans)

When I generate a drawing, the sheet numbers stay on "Sheet 1 of 1" no matter how many sheets I insert in to my drawing in Solid Edge V18.
Q1-041907: Datum Axis Size in UGS NX2 (4 ans)

Is there a way to change a datum plane size when you have already done it in UGS NX2?
Q1-041807: Formatting Dimensions in Solid Edge 2D V19 (2ans)

Could someone tell me how to set the dimensions to show in fractional vs decimal in Solid Edge 2D V19?
Q3-041807: Sequencing an Assembly in NX3 (2 ans)

How can we make the separate Movie file of an Sequencing play of an assembly in NX3.
Q2-041807: Cloning an Assembly in NX3 (1 ans)

When we clone an assembly, UGS is asking for the name of components and we have the options for adding prefix, suffix, rename and replace the name of components.
Q1-041807: Un-Parametric to Parametric in UGS NX (3 ans)

In UGS NX how can I make an un-parametric model into a parametric model?
Q1-041707: System Requirements and Performance (2 ans)

I Have a question about system requirements for Solid Edge V18.
Q2-041607: Creating Forms in Search in Teamcenter (1 ans)

What is the quickest way to create forms for searches in Teamcenter?
Q1-041607: Converting STL Files in NX3

I have some STL files which I'm supposed to make a surface on (SOLID BODY?) in UGS NX3.
Q2-041207: Licensing Solid Edge 2D (1 ans)

I was sent a FREE copy of Solid Edge 2D, and I need to get licensed in order to use it.
Q1-041207: Drawings Not Showing in Solid Edge V19

Solid Edge does not show my DWG's in the drawing box, only what was previously on the screen is shown instead.
Q2-041207: Creating a Family Table in UGS (1 ans)

How do I create a Family Table in UGS?
Q1-041207: Saving in UGS Through Teamcenter

While saving Unigraphics through Teamcenter, I get Property last_Sync_Date is not modifiable error? Any inputs on how to resolve.
Q1-041107: Assembly in UGS NX3 (1 ans)

How can we save an assembly in another location so that it carries all the child parts with itself in UGS NX3?
Q2-040907: Expanding or Scaling a Model in Solid Edge (1ans)

When designing an injection mold, it is common to 'expand' the cavity and core.
Q1-040907: Converting Solid Edge 18 to AutoCAD

When saving Solid Edge V18 draft files to AutoCAD, I find that the DWG files are larger by a factor of 25.4 which is the ratio of mm to inches.
Q1-040507: RGB Color Values in Solid Edge V19

How do you create the RGB equivalent pantone color in Solid Edge V19?
Q3-040507: Gearwizard in NX4

Does anyone know what happened to Gearwizard?
Q2-040507: Text Fonts in Teamcenter 2005 VIS Suite

Has anyone figured out how to change the text fonts in the GD&T markup utility?
Q1-040507: UGS NX4 Tutorials for Beginners (4 ans)

I am new to UGS, can anyone suggest me a good website where I can find tutorials for beginners?
Q2-040407: Wire Harnessing in Solid Edge V18

Where can I get the concept of wire harness along with tutorials for Solid Edge V18?
Q1-040407: Assembly in Solid Edge V19

How do you assemble two spur gears so that their teeth actually mate correctly in Solid Edge V19?
Q3-040407: Getting a Chain to Work in an Assembly in NX4

I am currently modeling the Drivechain system of a mountain bike and have modeled all the gears.
Q2-040407: Translating an I-DEAS Font File to UGS NX4

I have an user defined IDEAS drafting font file (drafting.fnt). I want to translate it to UGS NX font.
Q1-040407: Center of Gravity in NX4 (3 ans)

How can I find the center of gravity of a component, in UGS NX4?
Q2-040307: Saving an Assembly in NX4 (1 ans)

How can I save a new copy of an assembly in which all the assembled parts will take the links/references from the new saved assembly in NX4?
Q1-040307: Assemblies in NX3

If we have lot of parts and sub assemblies and assembly in one Folder location, and we want to save one sub assembly in another Folder location, is it possible that when we save the sub assembly in NX3?
Q1-040207: Drafting Crashes: Internal Memory Error (5 ans)

I'm getting an error "Drafting application: error recovery completed for the following error: internal error. Memory access violation" This just crashes out NX4.
Q1-033007: Solid Edge on Windows Vista System (5 ans)

Has anyone tried Solid Edge V17, V18, or V19 on a new vista system?
Q1-033007: Solid Edge on Windows Vista System (4 ans)

Has anyone tried Solid Edge V17, V18, or V19 on a new vista system?
Q1-033007: Functions in NXopen

I'm working on NXopen for .net API and I'm having a problem finding the function UF_UGMGR_decode_part _fiename.
Q2-033007: Translating IGES Files in NX3 (1 ans)

I need to translate some IGES files to NX3. I know that I need the translator. How do I have and install these translators?
Q1-032907: From Solid Edge to Solid Edge V19 with Teamcenter

Any tips on going from 30,000 poorly managed files (lots of mess) in Solid Edge to a database managed by Teamcenter Express?
Q1-032807: Tutorial for Solid Edge 2D Drafting (1 ans)

Where can I download a free tutorial for Solid Edge 2D drafting?
Q1-032807: EC Level Number in Teamcenter (4 ans)

Example: 15949950.geo_fin001.002002.prt, can anybody tell me which number is the EC level?
Q1-032607: CAM Relationship With Solid Edge 15 (1 ans)

I can not get the CAM relationship to hold in an animation using Simply Motion in Solid Edge 15.
Q1-032607: File Conversion From NX4 to NX3 (1 ans)

Does anybody know if it is possible to convert an NX4 part file so it can be opened in NX3?
Q1-032307: About UGS NX2

What is light weight reference set in UGS NX2?
Q1-032207: NXopen For JAVA API in NX4 (1 ans)

How can I get the signature of a jar file or class file of JAVA API in NX4?
Q1-031907: Changing Sketch Line Color in UGS NX2

Is it possible to have lines of many colors in a sketch in UGS NX2?
Q1-031607: Law Curve by Equation in NX4 (1 ans)

Can anybody give me the instruction step by step how to use law curve by equation in NX4?
Q1-031507: Render Set in NX3

How I can set render for a particular sub part in a UGS NX3 assembly?
Q1-031407: Tension Spring Creation in IDEAS 10NX (1 ans)

Can anybody tell me how to create Tension springs in IDEAS 10NX for various tang (hook) shapes?
Q1-031307: Printing Draft File Using Solid Edge V18 (3 ans)

Is there a quick way to print big amounts of draft files using Solid Edge V18?
Q1-031207: Airfoil Drawing and Protruding (6 ans)

Does anyone know how I can plot the coordinates of an airfoil section so I can draw and protrude it in Solid Edge V17?
Q1-030907: Creating Slots in NX3 (1 ans)

How do I use the slot options in NX3?
Q1-030807: Using Java with NX4

Can anybody tell me how to use NXopen for Java to modify nx4 windows options?
Q1-030707: Converting SolidWorks Files to Solid Edge (1 ans)

Is there any compatible option to convert existing SolidWorks assembly files to Solid Edge V18 with all parameters?
Q1-030507: Text in the Dimensioning Tool (14 ans)

I cannot get rid of a diameter symbol which appears in all the dimensions, not only in the diameters ones in Solid Edge V19. How can I solve it?
Q2-022207: Manufacturing Tutorials for UGS NX

Where is the best place to get tutorials for manufacturing in UGS NX?
Q1-022207: Expressions in UGS NX3 (3 ans)

When modeling in UGS NX3 how and when should I use expressions?
Q1-022007: Showing Split Face Lines in Solid Edge V17 (1ans)

We need to split a face on the back side of a part and have the lines created show up as hidden lines in a draft file in Solid Edge V17.
Q1-021607: Printing Draft Files in Solid Edge V16

In my draft files (*.dft) there are several sheets of different sizes. My printer (Konica Minolta Bizhub 162) doesn't recognize right size of paper, so I must print each sheet separately.
Q2-021607: Animating an Adjustable Part in Solid Edge (1ans)

How can I animate an adjustable part in Solid Edge V19?
Q2-021607: Parts Lists in NX3 (1 ans)

How can I add a nomenclature column to a parts list in NX3?
Q1-021607: Licensing in UGS NX4 (1 ans)

We are moving to NX4 from I-DEAS, ref the Adv Assembly in NX4. When is a license actually required. Is it only for saving Lightweight assemblies and working with component groups.
Q2-021507: Settings for Offset Command in Solid Edge (1 ans)

How can I change the default setting of the off select from chain to single in Solid Edge V17?
Q1-021507: Making a Helical Part in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

Is it possible to use the helical extrusion to make a non-circular, e.g. oval shape, helical part in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-021507: Parametric Parts in NX4

Can anyone send me a lot of parametric parts crated by freeform feature in NX3 or NX4?
Q2-021207: Plane Drawings in NX4

I did a building design with NX4 and when I try to start the Plane Drawing module it draws the building in 1:1 scale (a building is bigger than a A3 or A4 sheet!).
Q1-021207: UGS NX4 Die Design Wizard

I am doing 3D stamping die design in Die Design Wizard in UGS NX4 and am having trouble with it. Can anyone help me with this?
Q2-020807: Mapkeys in Solid Edge V16 (1 ans)

Can we get a printout of a drawing by a single click of a key in Solid Edge V16?
Q1-020807: Sheet Metal in Solid Edge V16 (1 ans)

Is it possible to make a sheet metal part through the loft method in Solid Edge V16?
Q2-020607: Wave Geometry Linker in NX2 (1 ans)

Can someone explain Wave Geometry Linker in NX2 to me?
Q1-020607: Changing Planes in NX2 (3 ans)

In NX2 how can I get the profile of a sketch from one plane to another plane?
Q1-020507: Unit Problem in I-DEAS in NX10

I am importing an Abaqus result file into IDEAS simulation.
Q1-020207: Tracing a Point During Simulation in NX4

How do we trace a point in an assembly during simulation in NX4?
Q1-020107: Creating Knurling as a Part Feature (1 ans)

How do I create Knurling as a part feature in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-012907: Solid Edge Tutorials (3 ans)

Where is the best place to get tutorials for Solid Edge?
Q1-012407: Mass/Length in Variable Table in Solid Edge(1ans)

I want to monitor the mass of a 3D model (available in inspect--physical properties) by changing the related independent variables in Solid Edge V18.
Q1-012207: Family of Parts in Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

I have a family of parts. I want the family table to be linked to the draft file as I am extracting a single draft file in Solid Edge V19.
Q1-012207: Full Scene Antialiazing Activation in NX4 (4 ans)

Does anyone know successfully how to activate the FULL SCENE ANTIALIAZING (FSAA) on Visualization command in NX$?
Q1-012207: Modeling in NX3 (1 ans)

How can I make a Loft with different guide curves in NX3 as I think there is no particular command named as Loft in it.
Q1-011907: Programming in Solid Edge V18

How can I turn off all hidden lines in drawing view in Solid Edge V18 draft by VB programming?
Q1-011707: Windows Fonts in IDEAS in UGS NX12 (1 ans)

Does anybody know how to import windows fonts in IDEAS in UGS NX12?
Q1-011507: Multiple Source Files in Solid Edge V19 (5 ans)

Is it possible to have views from different source files in the same draft sheet in Solid Edge V19?
Q1-011507: High Speed Loops in UGS NX3 (1 ans)

How can I add high speed loops between passes in a program like in CATIA V5 in UGS NX3?
Q1-011107: Converting from AutoCAD to Solid Edge 18 (1 ans)

I want to convert attributes from AutoCAD 2004 to Solid Edge 18.
Q1-011007: Programming Using in UGS NX3

I want to know where to begin to learn about in UGS NX3.
Q1-010507: Parametric Model of Drill Flutes in NX2 (1 ans)

I was wondering if anyone could offer a suggestion on the best way to model the flutes of a drill bit in NX2?
Q2-010407: Editing Surfaces in NX4 (1 ans)

How can I get a square mesh of splines on a surface so that I can further edit the surface in NX4 shape studio?
Q1-010407: Drafting/Modeling Associativity in NX4 (1 ans)

How do I change the environment variables in NX4?
Q1-010207: Creating Multiple Broken Views (1 ans)

How can I create multiple broken views in a wire harness drawing in UGS NX3?
Q1-122606: UGS NX3 Sheet Metal Course Ware (1 ans)

Can anyone send UGS NX3 sheet metal Course ware to
Q1-121906: Pictorial View in UGS NX4 (2 ans)

How can I insert a pictorial view of model in the drafting environment in UGS NX4?
Q1-121806: Line Alignment in Solid Edge V19 (10 ans)

I am trying to work out how to attach the midpoint of a number of vertical lines to a horizontal line in Solid Edge V19.
Q1-121206: Grip Library NX2 (2 ans)

Does any body know where I can access a free Grip Library? I am learning grip in NX2 and I would like to see if some Grips programs have been created already.
Q1-121206: Change Big Amount of Parts (1 answer)

All my folders structure will be rearranged. This means that all my files will be move to completely different locations.
Q1-120706: Material Names in UGS NX3 (1 ans)

Can any one tell me how to programatically retrieve material names in UGS NX3?
Q3-120606: Parts Extensions in Solid Edge

Where can I get a Solid Edge Parts Extension?
Q2-120606: Saving DFT as DWG or DXF in Solid Edge V18 (1ans)

I am having no difficulty saving my DFT files as DXF's however I would like to know if there is a way to adjust/change parameters in Solid Edge V18.
Q1-120606: Curve by Table in Solid Edge V17 (1 ans)

I have constructed a curve using the "curve by table" command and closed it with a line to make an airfoil shape.
Q2-120406: DWG to DFT in Solid Edge (2 ans)

How can I convert an AutoCad Wiring Draft (dwg) to a Solid Edge Draft (dft.)?
Q1-120406: Error Launching Solid Edge V19 (1 ans)

After installing,I run Solid Edge V19 and I get an error in windows modulo MSVCR80.dll and close how can I fix this?
Q1-120106: Importing a Solid Edge File to a JT File (1 ans)

Can I view in Solid Edge V19 only the JT file? In other words can I use Solid Edge V19 as the viewer only?
Q2-113006: Creating a Square Thread in UGS NX2/NX3 (1 ans)

How can you create a square thread in UGS NX2 or NX3?
Q1-113006: WAVE in UGS NX2 (4 ans)

Is WAVE an abbreviation? If so, what is its expansion?
Q2-112906: Opening Solid Edge V19 Files (1 ans)

Is there a way to open Solid Edge V19 files using Solid Edge V18?
Q1-112906: Coordinate System in Solid Edge V18

What is the procedure to set up in part of an coordinate system?
Q1-112906: Adding Mass to a Part List in UGS NX4 (1 ans)

How can I add a column of mass in a part list where the value of mass is linked with value of particular item no?
Q1-112706: Bi-Directional Associativity in UGS NX4 (4 ans)

Is it possible to give bi-directional associativity in UGS NX4?
Q1-112106: Animation in UGS NX4 (1 ans)

How do you animate objects in UGS NX4?
Q3-112006: Orphan Replacement in UGS NX4

Can we do an 'Orphan Replace' in UGS NX4 like we can do in I-deas?
Q2-112006: Fatigue Analysis in Nastran in NX4 (1 ans)

I would like to do some fatigue simulations and I want to know if there is any kind of resonance toolbox or is there any way to simulate cyclic lodas in NX4?
Q1-112006: Missing Annotation Placement Toolbar in NX4(4ans)

At our university, about half of the workstations will not bring up the "Annotation Placement Toolbar" while under the annotation editor in NX4.
Q1-111606: Print Preview in Solid Edge V18 (1 answer)

I have no Print Preview available in Solid Edge V18. It isn't in the File pull down menu or the Print dialog box.
Q1-111606: Replace View and Orient View in NX4 (1 ans)

What is the difference between Replace View and Orient View in UGS NX4?
Q2-111506: Transfering Files in Solid Edge V19 (1 answer)

Is there a way to get Solid Edge files that are made in V18 academic version into Solid Edge V19 commercial version?
Q1-111506: BlueSurf Exporting in Solid Edge V15 (2 ans)

I use V18 at work, but a friend of mine is using V15 to design sports equipment - specifically Lacrosse heads at the moment. I have assisted him in setting up the Bluesurf geometry, but how does he export the data in a solid or surface format?
Q1-111406: Mass Data from an Assembly in Solid Edge (4 ans)

I want to find the center of gravity and mass of an assembly in air as well as in water in Solid Edge V18.
Q2-111306: Class A and Class B Surfaces in UGS NX2 (2 ans)

What is the difference between Class A and Class B Surfaces in UGS NX2?
Q1-111306: Converting a Surface Model in NX3 (5 ans)

How can I convert a surface model into solid model without adding any thickness in UGS NX3?
Q1-111006: Runtime Error While Installing NX4 (3 ans)

I have recently brought a copy of NX4 back home. However have encountered a problem that prevents the program from completly opening and then it crashes with a "Runtime Error!"
Q1-110906: Extension Lines in Sketch Mode in UGS NX3

How do I turn on the extension lines in sketch mode so that I can see them on my dimensions in UGS NX3?
Q1-110806: Custom Properties in Drafts in Solid Edge (1 ans)

I am creating new templates, they will not have any 3D parts linked to them, I want to know how to use custom properties to fill in the title block template - in other words, have the users fill in the custom properties in the draft - not a 3D part inserted as a view.
Q2-110806: Created Slots in Sheet Metal in UGS NX2

In sheet metal operation, A slot has been created and arranged. Though the array is deleted, sometimes a error occur in updating or deleting the intially created slot, please clarify this.
Q1-110806: Retrieving a File in UGS NX2/NX3 (1 ans)

How can I retrieve a file lost due to error or power loss in UGS NX2/NX3 which hasn't been saved?
Q3-110606: Viewing a Drawing in Solid Edge (1 answer)

How can we view a Solid Edge V19 Drawing in Solid Edge V17?
Q2-110606: Display Configuration Check in Drawing (2 ans)

Is there an easier/more effecient way of updating views in a drawing than going to each individual view properties display tab, then hitting the "Check" button, exiting properties and updating the view?
Q1-110606: Draft File in Solid Edge V17 (8 answers)

After completing a draft file in Solid Edge V17 I wanted to change the name of the assembly file to match our numbering system on my work.
Q2-110606: How to Model a Rib in UGS NX2/NX3 (2 answers)

How can I make a rib which connects a base rectangular block with a boss on it in UGS NX2/NX3?
Q1-110606: Applying Materials to a Model in UGS NX4 (2 ans)

How can I apply a particular material to a model in UGS NX4?
Q1-110206: Listing ASM Files (1 answer)

In my application I want to be able to list asm file and all linked documents, independent of a Solid Edge application (without having Solid Edge application installed on my computer).
Q1-110206: Converting Files in UGS NX3

I digitized an object using the TraceCut program. I converted the TraceCut file to IGES file type but when I try to open it using UGS NX3 the file can't be opened.
Q1-103106: Replace Command Part in Solid Edge V18 (1 answer)

If I use the replace command to swap a part or assembly with another assembly in which the primary part is identical to the original, Solid Edge loses all of it's assembly references.
Q2-103106: ISO Hydraulic Symbols in UGS NX3

Where can I get all ISO hydraulic libraries for UGS NX3?
Q1-103106: Modeling a Turbine Blade in UGS NX4 (4 ans)

I need to model the turbine blade of an aerofoil varying crossection along its length. How can I model it in UGS NX4?
Q1-103006: Slowness in Solid Edge V19 (2 answers)

We've recently upgraded at our school from v16 to v18 to v19 in a very short amount of time. We started out a Formula SAE design project using v16, and then the school transitioned to v18.
Q1-103006: Creating Text in UGS NX2 (4 answers)

How can I create text in a solid surface using in UGS NX2?
Q3-102706: Circular Parts in UGS NX4 (1 answer)

How can I assemble two circular parts in UGS NX4?
Q2-102706: Harness in IDEAS NX11 (1 ans)

Can anybody help in harness in IDEAS NX11?
Q1-102706: Exporting an Assembly (1 answer)

How can I export an assembly along with it's child components at the SAME TIME from Teamcentert to native using NX manager?
Q1-102606: Converting Mutiple DFT Files (2 answers)

I do not know personally nobody that works with the Solid Edge, what it is a pity because would be very useful to have somebody with who to share ideas and to clarify doubts. One of my doubts is exactly how I in a quick way, can transform DFT files into DXF files?
Q1-102506: Estimating Design Time in Solid Edge V17 (1 ans)

How do managers estimate hours for complex design jobs?
Q3-102406: Time Stamp in UGS NX3 (1 answer)

What is "Time Stamp" in UGS NX3?
Q2-102406: Part Clean Up in UGS NX3 (3 ans)

What is "Part Clean Up" in UGS NX3?
Q1-102406: Creating Kinematic Simulations in NX4

How can I create kinematic simulations in NX4, and how can I call a reference part in the modeling environment?
Q2-102306: Opening a File with Commercial Version (1 ans)

For some reason I got a file made in Solid Edge v.18 academic version and now I need it to be open in a Commercial version, it can not be done. Does anyone knows a way to open academic files in a commercial version of Solid Edge V18?
Q1-102306: Converting Solid Edge V17 Files (5 answers)

How can I convert a Solid Edge V17 document into a Solid Edge V15 document?
Q2-101806: Opening Unigrpahics Model in 2006 (1 answer)

How do I open my model in Unigrapics-NX3 in 2006?
Q1-101806: Plotting in I-DEAS 11 NX (2 answers)

How do I configure or setup a plotter in I-DEAS 11 NX?
Q1-101106: Importing .x1.xt & IGS Solid Models (1answer)

I had a vendor e-mail me a solid model. I can get the model into Solid Edge part but it transfers in as a single body feature.
Q2-101006: Drafting in Solid Edge V12

Is there any easy way to fill in drawing details at the bottom of our drafting in Solid Edge V12?
Q1-101006: Images on DFTs in Solid Edge V17

How can I put a photograhic image into a DFT without the file size increasing dramatically in Solid Edge V17?
Q2-101006: Copy-Paste in UGS NX3 (1 answer)

Will there be any option like CCP in CATIA so that I can call one part into a another part by maintaining the link.
Q1-101006: Unform Feature in NX4

How I can unform (unwrap) feature created in Modeling application by Extract Geometry and/or Thicken Sheet command from closed planar and conic faces in NX4?
Q1-100906: Near View in I-DEAS and Solid Edge V18 (1 ans)

In I-DEAS do you use the "F-5" key to get the "near" view?
Q2-100906: Creating Animations in NX4 (2 answers)

I have created kinematic simulations, but how do I create animations (mpg files) of them in UGS NX4?
Q1-100906: Wave Link in NX3/NX4 (3 answers)

What is the expansion of Wave Link in UGS NX3/NX4?
Q1-100306: Drafting in NX3 (3 answers)

How can I change the sheet from portrait to Lanscape or vice versa?
Q1-100206: Hyperthreading in IDEAS 12 (1 answer)

Should hyperthreading be enabled or disabled to get the most performance out of IDEAS 12?
Q1-092806: Importing SolidWorks to Solid Edge V18 (3 ans)

How can I import SLDPRT or SLDASM files to Solid Edge V18?
Q3-092606: Changing Inches to Millimeters in NX2 (4 answers)

Can anyone tell me how to change inches to millimeters and millimeters to inches in modeling mode in UGS NX2?
Q6-092606: Law Curves by Equation in NX4 (2 answers)

I would expect that using "law curve - by equation" would provide a parametric equations situation where t=0 to t=90, x=cos(t), y=sin(t) would create a circular quadrant from 3:00 to 12:00.
Q5-092606: MDFG in UGS (2 Answers)

I am trying to get MDFG to output a G43.1 for a SET/ADJUST command, instead of a G43.
Q4-092606: UFUNC Material in NX4 (1 answer)

Can someone give me a link to find basic help files for UFUNC in NX4?
Q2-092606: Array Features in UGS (2 answers)

Is it possible to array (circular or rectangular) the features like chamfer and fillets, along with its parent geometry like bosses and holes?
Q1-092606: Through Curves in UGS NX3/NX4 (2 answers)

How can I change the vector direction in through curves in UGS NX3/NX4?
Q2-092406: Propotional Changes in a Model (1 answer)

Is it possible to make a part or assembly, which has propotional changes or some dimension changes with an existing one in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-092406: Disappearing Toolbar in Solid Edge V12 (2 answer)

The main toolbar in assembly at the top of the screen has decided to dissapear in Solid Edge V12.
Q1-092406: GRIP Statement ufunc in NX4 (1 ans)

We have some old GRIP programs which use a statement ufunc in UGS NX4.
Q1-092006: Model Sectioning in UGS NX3 (3 answers)

How can I do model sectioning (Section View) in UGS NX3?
Q1-091906: Table Driven Parts in Solid Edge V17 (1 answer)

Is Solid Edeg V17 capable of creating table driven parts?
Q5-091806: Routing Electrical in UGS NX2

I need to flatten a wire assembly into a formboard in UGS NX2.
Q4-091806: Sheet Metal in UGS NX4 (1 answer)

My employer has just invested in upgrading our hardware and has migrated from Unigraphics v18 to NX4.
Q3-091806: Tutorials for Body Design in UGS NX3

Where can I get tutorials for "body design in UGS NX3?
Q2-091806: Save Few Explosion Drawings (2 ans)

I have an explosion drawing. I want to save this drawing in diffirent angle. Not just 1, but from few angle so I can have few file?
Q1-091806: Set Dim Color in Sketch Mode in UGS NX2 (1 ans)

How can I change color of dim in UGS NX2?
Q1-091406: Making an Engine in Solid Edge

How can you make an engine in Solid Edge?
Q3-091306: Tension Spring Creation in IDEAS 10NX

Can anybody tell how to create Tension springs in IDEAS 10NX for various tang (hook) shapes?
Q2-091306: Converting UGS NX2 Files to CATIA V4 (1 answer)

Is there a way to convert UGS NX2 files to CATIA V4 files?
Q1-091306: Wave Link Geometry in UGS NX2 (2 ans)

Can someone please explain wave link geometry, cloning and promote in an assembly in UGS NX2?
Q1-091206: Tutorial for UGS NX4 (2 answers)

I have NX4 installed on my home computer, but I cannot find a tutorial manual for NX4.
Q1-091106: Parasolid Modeler in Solid Edge V17

I`m looking for documentation on parasolid modeler in Solid Edge V17.
Q3-091106: Migrating IDEAS Drawings into UGS NX 4 (1ans)

How can I get an IDEAS part and drawing into UGS NX4 and maintain associtivity?
Q2-091106: Changing a Dimension in Drafting (3 answers)

How can I change a dimension in the drafting environment so it can also be reflected in a model in UGS?
Q1-091106: Arrow Direction in UGS (2 ans)

How can you change the arrows direction while selecting the section curves for the swept option in UGS?
Q1-090706: Broken-Out Section in Solid Edge V16 (1 answer)

In my drawing view properties dialog box, general tab - my 'Broken-out Section' button is grayed-out, and is preventing me from constructing a broken-out section.
Q5-090706: Saving a Revision in UGS NX4

I do not have the option in ‘save as’ to save a revision.
Q4-090706: Table to Model Linking in UGS NX3

Is it possible to create a link in a table in drafting mode to open the referenced model when clicked on, similar to a hyperlink in UGS NX3?
Q3-090706: Analyzing Radius/Blend Value in UGS NX2

Does anyone know how to analyse the Radius/Blend Value by color definition of a solid part in UGS NX2?
Q2-090706: Master Model Concept in UGS NX3 (1 answer)

What is master model concept in UGS NX3?
Q1-090706: Shaded Views in Drafting In UGS NX3 (1 answer)

Can some one please tell me how to get the shaded view of model when we add the view in the drafting sheet in UGS NX3?
Q1-090606: Printing DFT file

I am trying to print a DFT file to an HP2800 and it is not printing clearly.
Q1-090606: Sheet Metal with Holes

How do I bend a sketch of a thin, extruded sheet that has holes and slots into a cylindrical form?
Q1-083006: Part Clean Up in NX2 (2 answers)

What is "part clean up" in NX2 and what the accessible features in part clean up?
Q1-083006: Creating Planes in Solid Edge V19 (3answers)

How would one go about creating a plane tangent to a cone segment in Solid Edge V19?
Q2-082906: Guide Strings in UGS NX4 (2 answers)

How can I create a solid with multiple (more than three) sections and guide strings in UGS NX4?
Q1-082906: Linking .Net User Interface with VC++ Programming

How can I link the .Net User Interface with VC++ Programming code in UGS NX3?
Q1-082806: Parametric Assembly in Solid Edge R14 (1 answer)

How can I make an assembly parametric in Solid Edge R14?
Q1-082806: Modifying Angle Projection in NX1 (1 answer)

If I have created drafting using first angle projection, after finishing nearly more than 50%,I realized that I need to do it by third angle projection.
Q2-082506: Hole Charts in UGS NX3

How can I make a hole chart in drafting mode which is associated to solid modeling in UGS NX3?
Q1-082506: Simulating Belt Drives in NX4

How can I simulate a belt drive or a chain drive in NX4?
Q1-082406: Material Table/Library in Solid Edge V17

How can I can configure the link to the data from material table in Solid Edge V17?
Q2-082406: Manufacturing in UGS NX3 (1 answer)

Is NX3's "Turbo" a good feature for manufacturing?
Q1-082406: Splines in UGS NX4

Mainly what are the basic formulas that are used for creating splines in UGS NX4?
Q1-082306: Extended Dimensions in NX2 (2 ans)

How can I create extended dimensions for a detailed view in NX2?
Q1-082206: Solid Edge Piping Library

How can I configure Solid Edge piping library with custom parts in Solid Edge V18?
Q2-082206: Ufunc in UGS NX2

Is there some address from where I can download help or book regarding ufunc?
Q1-082206: NX2 Grip Code

Can anyone tell me where to get a good tutorial on UGS NX2 grip codes?
Q1-081706: Settings in UGS NX2 (1 answer)

How do I set the "display scale" in UGS NX2?
Q1-081606: Quarter Sections in Solid Modeling (1 answer)

How can you make a quarter section of an assembly in a solid modeling application in UGS?
Q1-081406: Grip Code for Sketches in UGS NX3 (1 answer)

Can anyone help me write a grip code to group all the sketches and basic curves in UGS NX3?
Q2-081006: Plastic Parts in Solid Edge V18

I'm looking for some examples of plastic parts with ribs in Solid Edge V18 to show in class.
Q1-081006: Mech.Desktop V6 to Solid Edge (2 answers)

Is there any possibility to get an assembly From Mech.Desktop V6 to Solid Edge V18 with their components, their history, and the relationship between them?
Q1-081006: Creating Text in a Circular Path (2 answers)

How can I create text in a circullar path in sketch mode in UGS NX1.0.0.21?
Q1-080806: Drafting Assemblies in Solid Edge V18 (14 ans)

I'm inserting an assembly drawing into a Draft file. When I insert it, there is a grey box or frame that forms around the views and I don't know what is causing it.
Q1-080706: Tutorials for UGS NX4 (2 answers)

Where can I find free tutorials for UGS NX4?
Q1-080606: Converting the Facet Body in UGS NX3 (1 ans)

How can we convert the "Facet body" in to Surface body in UGS NX3?
Q3-080506: Knowledge Fusion in NX3 (1 answer)

I want to know about where to begin to learn about Knowledge Fusion.
Q2-080506: I-DEAS 10NX Student Guide

Does anyone have an I-DEAS 10NX student guide in PDF format?
Q1-080506: Gripcode in UGS NX2 (1 answer)

Can some one help me write a code to create a group of all the lines and arcs in the sketcher and a group of all lines and arcs created from basic curves in a single part.
Q1-080206: Ufunc Features in UGS NX2 (1 answer)

How do you implement Ufunc features in UGS NX2?
Q1-080106: Changing Assembly Directories (3 answers)

When you change assembly from one paste to another, some parts get lost and don't appear on the assembly, but their file names still appear in the edge bar, is there a way to reappoint their file direction?
Q1-080106: Coverting a Nonparametric to a Parametric (2 ans)

In UGS NX3 how do you convert a unparametric model to parametric model?
Q1-072706: 3D Dummy Models for Solid Edge

I'm looking for a 3D dummy model for Solid Edge.
Q2-072706: TIFF Files in UGS (1 ans)

How can we get a good result when creating a TIFF file in UGS?
Q1-072706: Wave in UGS NX3 (1 ans)

What is the longform of WAVE in WAVE linking in UGS/NX3?
Q1-072606: Cam Motion in Solid Edge Motion in Solid Edge V18

Is it possible now to duplicate the motion of a cam using the limited joint relationships available in Solid Edge motion in Solid Edge V18?
Q2-072606: Mold Material in NX2 (1 answer)

Can anybody tell me Where can we get the Free material for UGS/NX2 mold material?
Q1-072606: 64 bit Workstation for UGS/NX2 (4 answers)

Our company intended to upgrade the workstation to full 64 bit hardware, is it OK when UGS/NX2 installed on it?
Q1-072006: Dart Command (1 answer)

What is the Dart command?
Q4-072006: Unable to Bind to Server Error (1 answer)

Why does the error “unable to bind to server” comes when we tried to login through the Team Center portal and what solution?
Q3-072006: Parametric Versus Non-parametric (1 answer)

Which features are Parametric and which are Non-parametric? Can anyone of you explain please?
Q2-072006: 2 Questions (2 answers)

1. What is the Difference b/w Face Blend & Soft blend? 2. What is Wave in Assembly?
Q1-071906: GRIP Code (3 Answers)

Can someone help me to write a GRIP code to create a group of all solids or lines in a part?
Q1-071306: The Distance Command UGS/NX3

Does anyone know how to disable the distance command's dynamic rubber-banding effect?
Q1-071106: Installing NX4 (2 answers)

After installing NX4 NEW command is not available, just OPEN. What I did I do wrong?
Q1-070606: Basic Material for NX3 (2 answer)

Can anyone provide me basic course material for NX3?
Q3-070406: Replace a Drawing in the New Template (3 ans)

I have updated the background template. How do I replace or update an existing drawing to the new template?
Q3-070406: Replace a Drawing in the New Template (2 answers)

I have updated the background template. How do I replace or update an existing drawing to the new template?
Q2-070406: File Content Tabs

Is it possible to change the content of the file properties tabs so that all of the fields appear on a single entry tab?
Q1-070406: How do you make the tolerance appear on the table

The variable menu does not include the associated feature tolerance. Is there any way to associate the tolerance so it appears in the table?
Q1-062806: Creating Text Alinged to a Spine

How do you create text alinged to a spine?
Q1-062906: Generate an Involute Profile (1 answer)

How do you generate an involute profile for a gear tooth?
Q3-041306: Title Blocks in UGS/NX3 (2 answers)

How can we create a Title Block that is defined as a template using UGS/NX3?
Q2-062206: Utilizing Faceted Sheets/Bodies in NX3 (1 ans)

I want to make a smooth, clean surfaces, without all the triangulated faces. How do I do this other than cutting sections and redoing the model?
Q1-062206: Training in Teamcenter (1 answer)

Where can I get training materials for Teamcenter Express?
Q1-062106: Reinforcement Dimples in Solid Edge V17 (1 ans)

Does anyone know how to place a reinforcement dimple at a bend of sheetmetal components in Solid Edge V17?
Q1-061506: NX4 Imageware Integration (1 ans)

What can be done to bring the Imageware Integration back into the Tools menu in NX4?
Q2-061406: Working With Sheet Metal in Solid Edge

How can I apply all three aspects of, fluid, metal, and refrigerant from one process data source in Solid Edge?
Q1-061406: Axis Generation in Solid Edge V18 ( 6 answers)

How can I create an axis in a symmetrical polygon (e.g. hexagon rod) so the AXIAL ALIGNMENT in the Assembly will align the center of the hexagon with another feature?
Q1-060806: Importing Raster Images in NX2 (1 answer)

How do I import Raster Images into a drawing in NX2?
Q2-060706: Drawing Tables in Solid Edge V18 (2 answers)

Is it possible to create a table similar to a parts list which is linked to the dimensional features in a drawing?
Q1-060706: Swept Protrusion in Solid Edge V17 (5 answers)

I created a swept protrusion from a sketch but when I try to use the part in an assembly, it does not appear on the screen.
Q3-060106: Mold Design Tuorials for UGS/NX3

Where can I get good tutorials for Mold Design, and the Mould Assembly process in UGS/NX3?
Q2-060206: Knowledge Fusion in UGS/NX3

Where can I get some good tutorials for Knowledge Fusion in UGS/NX3?
Q1-060106: Getting the Mass in the Title Block (3 answers)

How can I get the Mass of a part to automatically appear in the column of the Title Block in Drafting Applications in UGS/NX3?
Q1-053106: Virtual Studio in Solid Edge V18

Is is possible to render an image to look like stainless steel in the Virtual Studio in Solid Edge V18?
Q2-052506: Tutorials for UGS (1 answer)

Where can I get some good tutorials for UGS Software?
Q1-052506: Creating Circles in Sketcher (2 answers)

How do you create circumscribed circles of a known diameter inside a bigger circle, using instances or related commands in sketcher?
Q2-052406: Converting Point Cloud Data in Solid Edge V17

How do you convert Point Cloud data to a Surface Model in Solid Edge V17?
Q1-052406: iMac Intel and Solid Edge (3 answers)

Can someone give me some advice about how well Solid Edge V17 and V18 work with iMac Intel?
Q1-052206: Swept Cutout in Solid Edge V11 (1 answer)

How can I create a'Swept Cutout' of a part in Solid Edge V11?
Q2-052206: Labels and Decals in Solid Edge V18 (1 answer)

How can I insert a Label or Decal on an irregular surface like a cylinder?
Q2-051706: pcf Files in Solid Edge V18

How do you move the pcf file from ECR to ECO with the workflow in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-051706: Drawing Sheets in Solid Edge V18 (2 answers)

When I update my drawing sheet some of the dimensions are detached from the view, how can I avoid this?
Q3-051706: Specifying Datums in UGS/NX (2 answers)

How can I Show/Specify the cylindrical center line as a Datum in UGS/NX?
Q2-051706: Creating a Rib Using UGS/NX (2 answers)

What is the best way to create a 'Rib' using UGS/NX software?
Q1-051706: Customer Default Levels in NX4

How can I change the Customer Default Levels in UGS NX4?
Q2-051106: Wave Geometry Linker in UGS/NX3 (2 answers)

Where can I get information on the Wave Geometry Linker in UGS/NX3?
Q1-051106: Java Customization in UGS/NX4 (1 answer)

How do you use Java Customization in UGS/NX4?
Q2-051006: Creating Silk Screen Text Labels

How do I create Silk Screen labels with a company logo, Panel labels, or Connector/Switch labels on a Sheet Metal part in Solid Edge V18?
Q1-051006: Material Thickness for a Contour Flange (13 ans)

How do I change the Material Thickness in a Sheet Metal part in Solid Edge V18?
Q3-050406: External Programming in Vb.Net in UGS/NX3 (1 ans)

How can I create an External User Interface in VB.Net to modify the part/sub-assembly/assembly in UGS/NX3?
Q2-050406: Fusion and UI Styler in UGS/NX2 (1 answer)

Where can I get tutorials about Fusion and UI Styler in UGS/NX2?
Q1-050406: Nesting in UGS/NX3 (1 answer)

How do you Manipulate 'Nesting' in UGS/NX3?
Q4-050306: Variables for Text in Solid Edge V10 (3 ans)

How can I get a Text Box on a Drawing to Link to a Variable?
Q2-050306: Translating an ASM From Solid Edge V16 to I-deas

How can I translate an ASM from Solid Edge V16 to I-deas 10m3.NX?
Q1-050306: Rendering in Solid Edge 17

Where can I get some good Tutorials for Rendering in Solid Edge 17?
Q3-050306: Rendering and Animation in Solid Edge 17 (1 ans)

How can I get the Part to show its Motion in an Assembly Animation in Solid Edge 17?
Q3-042706: BOM in UGS/NX3 (2 answers)

In a Drafting of Assembly consisting more than 150 Parts and 15 Subassembly, the BOM is repeating itself 12 times in a horizontal direction.
Q2-042706: Design Training for GM Standards (2 answers)

Where can I get Tutorials in Knowledge Based Tool Design and Data Creation Standards?
Q1-042706: UGS/NX2 Tutorials (2 answers)

Where can I get good tutorials for UGS/NX2 basic and intermediate use?
Q2-042606: Dimensioning in Solid Edge V18 (1 answer)

When dimensioning, how can you turn off the Dimension Lines?
Q1-042606: FEMAP Express in Solid Edge V18 (2 answers)

What would be the result of applying a Tensile Force of 10kN in the lower face of a rod?
Q3-042006: Exporting From UGS/NX3 to TIFF Per Batch(1answer)

I am tring to convert a UGS Part to a TIFF File. I have tried to do this interactively with the Function File>Plot>Here Plot the file as a TIFF File, but how can I do exactly the samr thing but in a Batch?
Q1-042006: Dye Design/Engineering in UGS/NX2, NX3(1 answer)

Can someone tell me where I can find tutorials on Dye Design and Dye Engineering for UGS/NX2 or UGS/NX3?
Q2-042006: Automatic Auto Baffle in UGS

How can I Automate the placing of Auto Baffles?
Q1-041906: Finite Element Analysis with Solid Edge(3answers)

Is it possible to do Finite Element Analysis of a Weld Assembly made up of a few Structural Parts welded together using FEMAP bundled with Solid Edge 18?
Q4-041306: Help for UFUNC UGS/NX3

Can someone tell me where I can find some training material for UFUNC?
Q2-041306: Mold Tutorial for UGS/NX3

Can anyone tell me where I can find a Mold tutorial for UGS/NX3?
Q1-041306: Quality Check in UGS/NX2

How can I do a Surface Quality Check in UGS/NX2?
Q4-041206: Customization in Using Solid Edge V17 (2 ans)

Where can I find information about Customization in VB using Solid Edge V17?
Q3-041206: Saving DFT Files in Solid Edge V17 (1 answer)

When I am trying to save .DFT files in Solid Edge V17 I keep receiving the following error quote "You may not have write-access for the file or directory". Can anyone tell me what is causing this error message to come up?
Q2-041206: Part Copy Defaults Solid Edge V18

When inserting a Part Copy, how can I change the Edge Bar Default Name of the part from 'Part Copy' to default to the File Name of the part being copied?
Q1-041206: Using Solid Edge V15 and V17 (4 answers)

How can I either use or install on the same system both Solid Edge V15 and V17?
Q1-040606: Help File for Structures in UGS/NX3

How can I access the Help File for Structures in UGS/NX3?
Q2-040506: Placing a Helix in an Assembly (4 answers)

Does anyone know of an EASY way to place a Helical part such as a Spring in an Assembly?
Q1-040506: Populating Title Block Information(3answers)

Has anyone written a Macro to Populate the Title Block with custom properties?
Q2-033006: Placing Image Files Like .JPG / .BMP in NX3 Files

How can I place an Image like .JPG or .BMP a in UGS/NX3 Drawing File?
Q1-033006: Using The Sweep Command (1 answer)

How does the Sweep Command work? I am trying to get it to work with Three Sectional Curves and Two Guide Curves.
Q3-032906: Undercuts in Mold Tooling (V18) (1 answer)

How can I get Undercuts to work in the Mold Tooling Module?
Q2-032906: How to bend a pipe (2 answers)

I have two cylinders going in a vertical direction already. How can I connect a third cylinder in the middle to create an upside down U shape?
Q1-032906: Offseting a line (SE 18)

Is there a Dialog box to turn off the Dimension call out after a line is offset?
Q1-032206:Different Methods for Base Support Tutorial NX2

In the "Base Support Tutorial" by Louis Gary Lamit, he shows a method to build up the part. Some people prefer different ways to do this. What are they and what are the pros and cons of each way?
Q1-031706: Inserting a work piece of desired shape/size

How can we insert a work piece of our desired shape/size in UG-manufacturing? (NX-3)
Q1-031606: Modeling Ball Valve

I would like to request a tutorial to create a 3D modelling for a ball valve.
Q2-031506: Video Card

I'm looking for video card that can do S.E. for work at home and still play games.
Q1-031506: Basic SE Tutorials (1 answer)

I am a very new user of Solid Edge, but I want to learn it.
Q2-031306: Insight (1 answer)

Does anybody have experience with Insight and data volumes of 5000 drawings with some 80GB/25 users?
Q1-031306: Assigning Thickness (2 answer)

Is there a field I can link to which picks up the extruded length of a profile in part?
Q1-030906: Prefix of a Dimension (1 answer)

How can I edit the prefix of a dimension in a draft?
Q2-030806: Opening Large Assemblies (2 answers)

Can anyone give me the best known methods for opening large assemblies, involving more than 3000+ components?
Q1-030806: JT and Acrobat

Can I view the .jt file using Acrobat 3D Viewer?
Q1-030706: CMG Curves

I want to know hw to create CMG curves using through point and through poles.
Q2-030306: Assign an Assembly (1 answer)

Is there a way to assign an assembly with a material property as is done with parts?
Q1-030606: Key Slot (2 answers)

How do I create a key slot (curved) on a tube?
Q1-030306: Certification

I would like to know about the Unigraphics NX3 certification exam details and GD&T certification details.
Q1-030106: Add Item (2 answers)

Is there a way to add an item to the parts list which really isn't there?
Q1-022306: Variable Pattern (1 answer)

How does one create a variable pattern?
Q4-022106: Exploded Display Configuration

How can I apply these display configurations I made for one enclosure to the other separate enclosures?
Q1-022106: Mouse Wheel (3 answers)

Is there something in Solid Edge that I need to configure?
Q3-022106: Half View (1 answer)

How can I make a half view, while drafting a part?
Q2-022106: File Archiving

We recently upgraded to V18, and we've been trying to figure out why most of our drafts are going ready for archive.
Q2-022106: Help File

I need the help file for modelling in UGS NX 3.0.
Q1-022106: Welding and Sheet Metal Tutorial

I need a reference tutorial for the welding and sheet metal process in NX3.
Q1-021706: Hotkeys

Where can I find information on the use of hotkeys in Solid Edge?
Q2-021706: SE Equivalent to Family Tables (1 answer)

What is the feature in Solid Edge, which is equivalent to Family Tables in Pro/E?
Q1-021306: Convert AutoCAD to SE (5 answers)

How do I convert an AutoCAD 2000 file into a Solid Edge 3D environment?
Q1-020906: Sheetmetal File

I'm looking for sheetmetal files to see the various settings.
Q1-020806: Large Assemblies (1 answer)

Has anyone found a hardware configuration that will handle large assemblies(500-800) parts?
Q2-020606: Male Model

Where can I find a native Solid-Edge 3D 95th percentile male model?
Q1: 020606: Spaceball (2 answers)

How can I get a IBM Spaceball to work in Solid edge V18 using a serial to USB converter?
Q1-020306: File Property Attributes (2 answers)

Is there any untility that can be used to modify these?
Q1-013006: 3D Website (1 answer)

Can anyone help me populate the website with Solid Edge parts or assemblies?
Q1-013006: Download Tutorial (1 answer)

Does anyone know where I can download a tutorial or beginner practice for UG NX3?
Q1-012706: Re-order Parts List (2 answers)

Has anyone got any better solutions?
Q1-012606: Animation (3 answers)

How can I give animation to an assembly in Solid Edge v16?
Q1-012606: Print With Lineweights (1 answer)

Alas, this is still a pressing problem.
Q2-012506: S E Assemblies To AutoCAD (2 answers)

Is there any way of converting my existing drawings, so that he can take over the project without redrawing everything?
Q1-012506: Insight PDM Implementation

Has anyone implemented Insight PDM for Solid Edge?
Q1-012006: Beginner Practice(1 answer)

Does anyone know where I can download a tutorial or beginner practice for UG NX2?
Q1-011906: Import Graphs

How do I import the graphs from an Excel file, or create them in a UG NX2 drawing?
Q1-011606: Instruction Book (3 answers)

I am looking for a good entry level to advanced instruction book of Solid Edge.
Q1-011306: NX and Ideas Menus

Are there NX4 modeling, assembly and drafting menus which act the same as Ideas?
Q1-011006: Drafting Module

How do I make sectional view from broken view in UG drafting module?
Q1-010906: File on XP

Is there any patch available or a way around this?
Q2-010506: Attributes In Model (1 answer)

I would like to set up attributes in my model that would automatically populate the drawing title-block.
Q1-010306: CGF For PDM Use (4 answers)

What is the Role of a CFG file created with a Solid Edge file?
Q1-122705: Note Book Computer

Which Note Book Computer is suitable for mold designing?
Q1-122205: Writing API or Macro (2 answers)

I need help writing a API or macro, on Solid Edge or SolidWork, which minics "chopping" on solids.
Q1-122205: Involute of the Gear

Can anyone provide me with mathematical equations for getting the involute of the gear, using law curve?
Q1-122105: AutoCAD File Into SE v18

Does anyone know of how to read in Japanese font of a dxf file in Solid Edge?
Q1-122005: Printing In NX3 With Line Weights (2 answers)

How does one go about configuring the 'PRINT' command in NX3, such that it prints drawings with lineweights?
Q1-121905: Programming Interfaces (1 answer)

Is there any modification in the programming interfaces between V15 and V17 of Solid Edge?
Q1-121905: Latest Tips & Tricks

I want the latest tips and tricks in UGS.
Q2-121605: Attributes, Expressions (1 ans)

Can you link expressions to attributes?
Q1-121605: Numeric Keypad (1 answer)

Does anyone run NX3 on HP and have the numeric pad as an accelerator, instead of number entry?
Q1-121505: Show/Hide

Is there a macro or similar available that mimics the behaviour of the blank/reverse blank function of Unigraphics?
Q1-121305: Compatibility (1 answer)

I would like to know the compatibility of UGS with the hardware of CATIA and Pro/E and benchmarks, also.
Q1-121205: File Handling Problems (2 answers)

Now, we are facing the file handling problems.
Q1-120905: Update To New Release (4 answers)

When updating to a new release, how can you retain all your personal menus and settings from previous version?
Q1-120505: GM Tool Kit (1 answer)

I am interested in the GM Tool kit.
Q1-120105: Obsolete Status

How are others addressing this scenario who are not using Insight or TeamCenter?
Q1-112905: Variables Table-Urgent! (3 answers)

Help! I want the variables table back.
Q1-112105: Open Existing Assembly (3 answers)

I have a problem with opening an existing assembly.
Q1-112205: Minimum Configuration

What is the minimum configuration required for a system to use Unigraphics?
Q1-111805: Conical Holes

My requirement is to get conical holes on a circular sheet.
Q1-111705: Identifying Files (1 answer)

Can I find out without opening the Unigraphics file, if it is a part file or an assembly file?
Q1-111605: ENOVIA Customization

Is it possible to have a training on Enovia customization using C++ in India or anywhere in Asia-Pac?
Q1-111105: Groove In A Ring (1 answer)

I have problems realizing the groove of the figure that I attach in my page of geocities.
Q1-110905: Create A Hole Chart (1 answer)

How do I create a hole chart, using Unigraphics NX3?
Q1-110705: Customization in India (3 answers)

Is it possible to have a training on SE customization in India?
Q1-110105: Solid Edge Viewer (1 answer)

Is it possible to view MicroStation files, extension (dgn), with this viewer?
Q1-103105: Surface From Points (2 answers)

I want to create surface from points.
Q4-102705: Helicoidal Radius

How I can draw an helicoidal radius concave and convex in NX3?
Q3-102705: Defined Units Command

Can anybody tell me how to define units of length in Microns in I-DEAS 11 NX by using user defined units command?
Q2-102705: Emboss/Engrave (1 answer)

I want to emboss/engrave text on solid model, writing company name on gear box, etc.
Q1-102705: JPEG (1 ans)

How do I import a jpeg into I-DEAS?
Q3-102405: Solid Works to Solid Edge (2 answers)

Does anyone have any cross over recommendations for making this transition?
Q2-102405: Axis Creation (2 answers)

How do I create the work axis in part modeling?
Q1-102405: Circular Pattern in Assembly (3 answers)

How do I create the circular pattern in assembly?
Q1-101405: Change Versions (4 answers)

Can we open a higher version file to lower version file?
Q1-101105: Parts List (3 answers)

How do you link the balloons from two views to a single list?
Q1-092705: Parts Libraries Resources (3 answers)

New to Solid Edge, I'd like to know if there are any good free parts libraries out there?
Q1-092105: 3rd Party PDM (2 answers)

Is anyone using one of the 3rd party PDM tools for Edge rather than using Insight?
Q1-091405: UFUNC Tutorial

Where can I find a Knowledge Fusion & UFUNC Tutorial on the net?
Q1-091205: Loft A Spoke (3 answers)

Can someone tell me how to loft a spoke in 3d space?
Q1-090805: Show Stoppers (1 answer)

What could be potential traps, when it comes to work sharing?
Q1-090605: Link to Detail

Can I make a link so that the drawing knows automatically where it is detailed?
Q1-090105: Capture the Preview

Can anybody tell me how to capture the preview thru programming?
Q1-082905: Solid Edge Tutorials (3 answers)

Can you send me information about Solid Edge tutorials?
Q1-082505: x800 Series (2 ans)

Anyone know if NX-3 will operate on the x800 series radeon video cards?
Q1-082405: Orient Parts

I make a 2d sketch in assembly.
Q1-082305: 50% CPU (2 answers)

Why does my CPU never exceed 50% when running Solid Edge?
Q1-081805: Rubber Effect (1 answer)

Can we show Rubber Effect in Solid Edge?
Q1-081205: Convert STL (2 answers)

I want to convert it into Solid body.
Q1-081105: Raster Into Vector Image

I'd like to know how to use rasterimages (*.tiff) files in a total conversion?
Q2-080505: PITF3 (1 answer)

Please tell me something about PITF3?
Q1-080505: Import AutoCAD (1 answer)

How does one import an AutoCAD drawing file into Ideas drafting?
Q2-080405: Models and Units (1 answer)

How do I convert an unparametric model to parametric?
Q1-080405: Create Layers (1 answer)

Can I make more than 256 layers?
Q1-072705: Local Coordinate System (1 answer)

If I want to get the range of X/Y/Z value in a specified Local Coordinate System, how can I do it?
Q1-072505: Cyrillic Notes (2 answers)

How do I Cyrillic "Note" in "Master Drafting"?
Q1-072505: GetRange and GetExactRange

Can anyone tell me the difference between GetRange and GetExactRange method
Q3-072505: View Labels (1 answer)

Can we have same view label for two different views?
Q2-072505: Import/Export Procedures

Unigraphics file import/export procedures.
Q1-072505: Die Design & Engineering

Where can I get a tutorial for die design and die engineering in UG NX2?
Q1-072105: Completed Projects

Can anybody send completed projects to me?
Q1-072005: Sheet Metal Process

I'd like to find knowledge about sheet metal process & die design for the same.
Q1-071305: Non-Master Model (2 answers)

How can I change the master model file that this drawing file is referencing to?
Q1-070705: Knowledge Fusion Tutorial (2 answers)

Where can I find a Knowledge Fusion Tutorial on the net?
Q1-070105: Solid Body, Two Layers (4 answers)
How does one put a single solid body in two layers?
Q1-063005: Coordinate Systems (2 answers)

I have created a coordinate system for each part, and now I need to find a command to align the two systems.
Q1-062905: Primitive Assembly (1 answer)
What is meant by primitive assembly?
Q1-062805: NX3 (3 answers)
I'm learning NX3, and I have a problem with a drawing.
Q1-062305: Drafting Formats
When I create a drawing format what is the string to be typed in to recall the file name?
Q1-062205: AutoCAD dwgs (4 answers)
Is there a way to connect all the lines at one time, without going to each line to get a relationship?
Q2-061605: Fonts on Solid Surfaces (1 answer)
How do I engrave (imprint) fonts on a solid surfaces, using NX2?
Q1-061605: Custom Titleblocks Attributed (2 answers)
How do I create custom titleblocks with attributes in them?
Q1-p061505: SE Viewer Printing Problems
150 characters max
Q2-061505: Center Point Coordinate (1 answer)
How can I get center point coordinate from a pattern feature
Q3-061305: OpenGL (1 answer)
Can somebody explain in a bit more clearly what role 'OpenGL' plays in a CAD software?
Q2-061305: Gear Equation
Can anyone send equations that give gear&helical profiles?
Q1-061305: Teamcenter PDM (1 answer)
I want to know what components were changed and to let the user create a new part, if it isn't backward compatible.
Q1-061005: VB Coordinate System Command (1 answer)
I am trying to construct a surface, using XYZ points from a laser machine.
Q1-060905: Open GL (1 answer)

Can somebody explain in a bit more clearly what role ‘OpenGL’ plays in a CAD software?
Q1-060805: Online Tutorials (1 answer)
Can anybody help me find tutorials for sketching, modelling and manufacturing applications on the Net?
Q1-060205: Associating Notes (3 answers)
I have the same note 6 times throughout a drawing.
Q2-060105: v17 (2 answers)
Where in v17 can you enter the material information for a part?
Q1-060105: Wave Path (3 answers)
I wanted to know how to create a circular sine curve.
Q1-053105: Restrictions (3 answers)
I'd like to know which restrictions in Solid Edge I have to put on a sketch, in order to totally define it.
Q1-052605: Vertical Text (1 ans)

How do I get text on a conical solid in a vertical position?
Q1-052505: Border Notes (1 answer)
Does anyone know why some items on both the background and working sheets are frozen, while others aren't?
Q2-052505: Recovering Data (2 answers)

Can anyone tell me how to recover data lost due to loss of power?
Q1-052505: Drafting Tabular
Can the NX drafting tabular note import data from an Excel spreadsheet?
Q1-052405: K-Factors (1 answer)
Can anyone guide me with K-factors or bend deductions in Solid Edge?
Q1-052005: Insight as PDM (1 answer)
I'm looking to implement Insight as a drawing manager and hoping for it to be used as a PDM.
Q2-052005: Saving Large Assemblies (2 ans)

Is there a way to save large assemblies as a single part, so that we can easily manipulate them in the next up assembly level?
Q1-052405: Machining Time (1 ans)

How do I get total machining time in manufacturing in Unigraphics NX1/NX2?
Q2-052305: Storage Manager Error
Can we know the total assembly size in the TCAE, so that we can restrict more data on virtual memory?
Q1-052305: Infrastructure for NX Manager (1 answer)
A customer plans to implement NX Manager on Windows 2003.
Q2-051305: Distance Between Views
How does one maintain a constant gap between three views?
Q1-051305: Deleting History (4 answers)
Can we delete history of a UGS part?
Q1-051105: Emboss on Conical Face (1 answer)
How do I emboss text on a conical face?
Q1-050605: Large Assemblies (1 answer)
While working on large assemblies in UG Nx2, I'm having problem in system slow down.
Q1-050505: Text on a Curve, Spline (2 answers)
How can I put text on a curve, spline?
Q1-050405: Knurl (1 answer)
How do you add knurl to details such as thumb screw heads, etc?
Q1-050205: Large Drawing File (2 answers)
I wonder if there is any way to find out a particular dimension in a Large drawing file.
Q1-042705: Text Radially (2 answers)
Please let me know how to put text radially?
Q1-042605: Seeking Knowledge (1 answer)
I would like to know more about Solid Edge.
Q1-042105: .TIF File Export (2 answers)
Is there a way to export to a .TIF file with a better resolution?
Q2-041805: Printing With Template
We are using UG NX2 on Windows 2000. We are unable to print A4 size paper with our template.
Q1-041805: Automatic Dimensioning (1 answer)
How can I get automatic dimensioning while drawing a sketch?
Q2-041205: Creating A Helical Flute (1 answer)
I'm looking for a workflow to create a helical flute on a drill, with the wash-out at the back end correct to industry standards.
Q1-041105: Backwards Conversion of SE Files (1 answer)
Does anyone know of a method of converting SEv16 files to be compatible with SEv14 or setting SEv16 to save in a compatible format?
Q1-040405: Options With FlexLM Licensing (1 answer)
I want to use FlexLM to allocate only certain users to access licenses and set up "borrowing" licenses for users to run disconnected.
Q1-040105: SE Assemblies Into 3D (1 answer)
I need help converting Solid Edge assemblies into 3ds.
Q2-033105: Saving a Drafted Part File
How do I save a drafted part file?
Q1-033105: Printing With Plotter
150 characters max
Q1-033005: SE File to DXF Translation (3 answers)
I can no longer translate my DFT to DXF file.
Q3-032805: CATIA Tutorials (1 ans)

Does anyone know if there are online tutorials in CATIA with the software version CATIA V5 R11?
Q2-032805: Templets in UGS Drafting
What is the right way to use standard templets in UG NX-1 drafting, for both part and assembly drawings?
Q1-032805: Bill of Materials (1 answer)

How do I generate a bill of materials in UGS, without using an Excel spreadsheet?
Q1-032505: Best Software for Very Large Assemblies (2 answer
I am trying to choose between a number of software packages, namely NX3, SolidWorks 2005, CATIA V5 and Pro/ENG.
Q1-032405: Rotate About Attention Point (4 answers)
I have a model, relatively long, and whenever I try to rotate the view, it always rotates about the attention point specified the centre of the model.
Q1-031805: External User Function
How do I compile & run an external user function programming, using vc++?
Q1-031505: Tolerance Stackup
How do I use Solid Edge to analyze tolerance stackup in assemblies without purchasing additional software?
Q1-031505: Form Tool
I'd like to know how a form tool will be made in Unigraphics version NX-2?
Q1-031405: Knowledge Fusion Program (1 answer)
Error message creating Chamfer
Q1-031005: Supported File Formats, UGS NX2 (1 answer)
Which are the supported file formats available for import in UGS NX2 application?
Q1-030705: SE Translation to DWG/DFX (2 answers)
I can no longer translate my dft to dxf file...
Q1-030705: Restoring Dialog Box (3 answers)
How Do I Restore My Dialog Box?
Q1-030405: How Do I Save An Assembly File? (3 answers)
Is it possible to save an assembly file along with all of it's constituent parts to a new location from within the assembly environment?
Q2--030105: 2D Kinematics Graphics (1 answer)

How can I obtain 2D kinematics graphics of the movement of an ASM?
Q1-030105: Modifying a Dimension (6 answers)

I modified a dimension, and when I hit update, all I got was a dimension with a line under it.
Q2-030105: Counterbore Hole in NX3 (1 answer)

In a counterbore hole, I need to have a counter bore depth that should be greater than hole depth. If any one has ideas, please suggest them to me?
Q1-030105: Hole Chart/Hole Table in Drafting

How do I create a hole chart/hole table in drafting?
Q1-022605: Drafting Standards UG/NX (3 answers)

In what way can I make a group of variables and recall them whenever I want to do drafting?
Q1-022405: Standard Parts Library--Adding Your Own (1 answe
Has anybody had luck adding their own parts to the Standard Parts Library?
Q2-022405: Inserting special characters, Unigraphics (2 ans)

I want to insert special characters in drafting in NX2.
Q1-022305: Engraving Text onto Part Surfaces (6 answers)

How do I engrave text onto part surfaces in UG NX?
Q1-022205: UGS ProE License
Are there UGS or ProE resellers in Hyderabad India?
Q2-021805: Core Cavity Extraction (3 answers)

How do I manually extract mold from a core cavity?
Q1-021805: UG to CATIA--Challenge (1 ans)

How do I keep a parametric model when I translate from UG to CATIA?
Q3-012805: Convert dwg tree to spreadsheet (3 Answers)

Re: SE V16 - When using Revision Manager to view an assembly's structure, is there a way to export the document tree to a spreadsheet...
Q2-020405: Transferring CATIA drawings into UGNX (1 answer)

What is the best process for converting a drawing file in CATIA V5 to NX2?
Q1-020805: Generating Cutting Lists off Frame Wiz -1 Answer

Re: V16 SP4 Is there any way of creating a cutting list of frame components created using the Frames Wizard?
Q2-020405: Binding Patterned Parts in an Exploded View

I have an assembly that I want to show as in exploded view...
Q1-020405: Have you tried a digitizer tablet?

In Q&A discussions of input devices in the ConnectPress CAD Communities, only a couple of you have mentioned using a pen and tablet...
Q1-020105: Close section sweep surface, NX 2 (4 ans)

I need to make a sweep surface of a single section & single guide, but the section is a closed curve...
Q5-012805: Tapered Threaded Holes in V16 (1 answer)

How do I construct a tapered threaded hole?
Q4-012805: FeatureWorks-like Functionality in Solid Edge (2

Does anyone know if something exists for Solid Edge similar to FeatureWorks for SolidWorks that recognizes all feature, planes etc.?
Q2-012805: Solid Edge files V16 back to V15

Can anyone suggest the most efficient method of converting files back to the previous version?
Q1-012805: Part properties update in draft environment

How can I "install" part properties on the background sheet, which WILL refer to a new model (new name)...
Q1-012605: Changed Planes in SW 2005 (1 answer)

Somehow the planes in the part template have changed. How do I modify them...?
Q1-012505: Create Custom Logo Background Sheet (4 Answers)

How can I create a new custom background sheet in Draft so that I can use the logo from an existing drawing...
Q2-092004: Reducing File Sz by Saving as Wireframe - 2 Answr

Re: SW 2005; In a previous company I worked for, saving a model in Wireframe greatly reduced the file size of the model...
Q1-011305: Overlapping Broken Views in NX2 (2 Answers)

How do I avoid overlaps and make broken views update correctly?
Q2-012505: Creating a Circular Pattern n SE V15

I am attempting to create a circular pattern (i.e. record tracks)...
Q1-011805: Measuring Distances in Assembly (5 Answers)

Re: SE 15, I would like to know if there is a way to measure distances in Solid Edge assembly drawings.
Q1-011305: Creating a sheet metal dimple in V16 (2 answers)

Please give me advice on how to create a dimple in sheet metal...
Q2-011305: Joint Venture/Agent for Engineering Design (1 an

I am looking for a joint venture in engineering design services...
Q3-122904: Unparametric to Parametric Conversion (2 Answers)

How can I split / divide a body into two and not get unparametric bodies?
Q3-121104: 2D Translations from NX2 (2 Answers)

We have customers that require Autocad drawings. We use the 2d-flattener in NX2 to create these. Unfortunately we experience many problems...
Q1-011005: Text on a Radial Surface

Re: V14 - I want to know how to put text on a radial surface ...
Q1-112204: Virtual Assemblies with SE V16 SP1 (2 Answers)

There appears to be a big problem with the Virtual Assemblies (Zero-D) functionality...
Q1-100804: How to Put Text on Radial Faces? (5 Answers)

Please let me know how to make or write text on a radial face...
Q1-010305: Part Design Bench, CATIA 5 (1 answer)

Why does the tool display change from an icon to text?
Q1-122904: Converting to Parametric (7 Answers)

How do I convert a non-parametric body to a parametric one?
Q2-121104: Extrude vs. Offset Face (4 ans)

What Is The Difference Between Extrude And Offset Face?
Q5-122904: Making Tapered Holes (2 answers)

How do I make tapered holes and make threads onto a tapered or conical surface?
Q4-122904: Oriented Helix (1 answer)

What if I want to reverse the axis of helix... ?
Q2-122904: Using the Moldwizard (1 answer)

What is the correct procedure to make a mold die for an elbow cast part?
Q3-121504: Bill of Material (1 answer)

How do I generate material column automatically ... ?
Q2-121504: Comparing Solid Parts (3 answers)

Is there a good way to compare 2 solid parts when Modifying Unigraphics NX1?
Q1-121104: Moving the Dimension Dynamically (2 Answers)

Re: UGS NX2 - Is there any way to move the dimensions dynamically as the shape of the part changes?
Q3-120304: Logging files in desktop. (1 answer)

All my *.log files are appearing on the desktop rather than in the temp folder...
Q1-121704: Selecting Surfaces in V15.

When surfaces are selected for interpart copies ... you cannot pick on edges to creat your solid. You have to select singularly...
Q1-121104: Interference (1 Answer)

How can I erase the interference in one part of the assembly?
Q2-111004: Animated Physical Motion (3 Answers)

I'm trying to create a physical motion animation out of my cam assembly, but it doesn't seem to be able to do it.
Q4-121504: Creating a solid in NX2

In NX1, to create a solid I used to reselect first primary string as last primary string for closing...
Q1-121504: Stl file default tolerances (1 answer)

Is there a way to set the the Triangle / Adjacency Tol to some default setting while exporting to Rapid Prototyping?
Q1-120204: Full Blend in NX2 (3 Answers)

I am facing a problem in creating a 3-face blend...
Q3-112204: Parametric Body Transformation (2 Answers)

How will we convert the Parametric Body Into Unparametric Body... ?
Q2-072204: Translating Data from I-deas 10 (2 Answers)

Can I import I-deas 10 files to NX2 as associated files?
Q2-120304: Deformed Part (1 answer)

I have two blocks on top and bottom joined to a spring. After deformation the blocks disappear...
Q1-120304: How to move dimension dynamically in NX2.

How do I move dimensions dynamically in drafting?
Q2-112204: Converting dimensions (2 Answers)

What is the procedure for units conversion in UGS NX2?
Q2-112204: Edit Links box in V15 (1 Answer)

What do those symbols in the Edit Links dialog box mean?
Q2-091404: Showing Weight (Cont.)...(Answered)

This Community member needs help with displaying the correct weight value and formatting a parts list in Solid Edge V12.
Q1-112204: External References (1 answer)

Does anyone know if UGS' Teamcenter Engineering or Teamcenter Enterprise supports external references in CATIA V5?
Q1-111004: Units conversion (5 ans)

Please give me the procedure for converting files in one unit of dimension into another.
Q2-91004: Parametrical Changeable Parts (Answered)

I would like to create a solid block with on the opposite ends two different rectangles with rounded edges in NX...
Q1-111004: System library (Answered)

I am looking for info on using a system library to automate my assemblies.
Q1-110304: Deforming a Spring in an Assembly (Answered)

How can I deform a spring in an assembly?
Q1-110104: Using the Rib Command

Having trouble creating ribs in Solid Edge V14...
Q1-102204: Importing from I.G.E.S File (Answered)

While importing from I.G.E.S file, some surfaces are missed...
Q1-102004: Resizing the datum planes. (Answered)

How do I resize the datum planes in UGS NX?
Q1-101404: Datums Association with a Leader (Answered)

How do I place a datum reference with a leader...
Q2-090704: Assembly File Missing (Answered)

This NX2 user needs advice on automatically inserting several .prt files into a new assembly file.
Q1-082304: Manufacturing NC Controllers (Answered)

What are the machine controllers available in UGS NX 1 and NX 2?
Q1090704: Large Assembly Not Opening (Answered)

This NX user needs suggestions for opening a large assembly.
Q1-091004: Reference Planes and Polygons in NX (Answered)

Could anyone tell me how I can change the reference plane size...
Q2-100604: Drafted Parts and Assemblies (Answered)

How do you properly align parts in an assembly when the base part has draft angles on its surfaces?
Q1-100604: Solid Edge Viewer compatible with Solid Edge

I'm looking for a Solid Edge viewer that can be on a Machine with Solid Edge...
Q1-092804: Automating Solid Edge with Visual Basic (Answ'rd)

Any VB users out there?
Q1-092004: Creating *.avi File in V11

How do I create an *.avi file through Solid Edge's Virtual Studio?
Q1-091404: Windows XP and Solid Edge V15 (Answered)

Using Solid Edge with XP to create a protrusion takes ages...
Q1-090704: Showing Weight of Assemblies (Answered)

Is there a way to extract the mass data from an assembly file and insert it elsewhere?
Q1-081204: Inclined Cone with Spherical Tip (Answered)

I am unable to create an inclined conical surface...
Q2-082604: Using Draft Without a Link to a Part

Is there a way to remove a link from a part to the draft in Solid Edge V14? (Answered)
Q1-082604: Die Design Add-on

Is there an add-on die design package for Solid Edge V15?
Q1-081004: Getting a weight on BOM (Answered)

I'm wondering if there is a way to get a materials weight to come out on the BOM...
Q1-081804: Helical Shaped Plate (Answered)

How can I create helical shaped plate?
Q1_082004: Attaching interpart links in multiple assemblies

Why it is not possible to attach interpart links to a part in context of more than one assembly in Solid Edge V15?
Q2-081804: Setting the Unit of Measurement (Answered)

Can somebody help me in setting the default unit to MM?
Q1-081804: Configuring the IRIX SGI Client

How do I configure IRIX SGI client ...
Q1-081404: STEP File Import Problems (1 ans)

Is there any way to bring STEP assemblies into SE?
Q1-080604: Preserving History Data (2 answers)

Re: V10: I have a model that does not have history data...
Q1-080204: Solidworks CGM into UGS (Answered)

We take CGMs from vendors and import them onto our drawings with our title blocks and borders. The result is actually a drawing within a drawing...
Q1_080404: Creating a Chain

What is the best way to create a 3/8 chain that can be used as a template for load configurations?
Q1-072804: Cross Breaks in Sheet Metal Parts (Answered)

Re: V12 We are having trouble trying to do a cross break and/or stiffening break on sheet metal parts.
Q1-080304: Exporting a Draft to Coordinate Data

Re: SE V15 Is there a way to export a draft drawing into XY co-ordinates either straight through SolidEdge or using an add-on?
Q1-072204: Non-uniform Scaling of Point Cloud Data -Answered

How can I do non-uniform scaling of a faceted model in NX2?
Q2-062904: Associative centerlines in bends (Answered)

How do you draw centerlines for the Bend portion of a tube in drafting using Utility Symbols?
Q1-062904: I-DEAS to NX transition (Answered)

When is UGS going to send out a completely defined path for its customers in regard to the transition of I-DEAS to NX?
Q1-070604: Sharing files between UG NX2/UG V18 - Answered

How can I send a model.prt file to my work partners at Georgia? The problem here is that they use UG V18 and I am using UG NX2.
Q1-062104: Protecting Intellectual Property (V15) (Answered)

Is it possible to embed a proprietary statement of ownership within the different file types?
Q1-061704: Tabulated assemblies (Answered)

What is the best way to combine all dash numbers in a single file? Or, is this even possible?
Q1-061604: Interpart Relationship Breaking in SE v15 (Ans)

In Solid Edge v15, the interpart relationship breaks when we try to make the family of assemblies. What to do?
Q2-060904: I-deas vs. Solid Edge: Pros/Cons (Answered)

What are the advantages of Solid Edge (or the disadvantages of I-deas)?
Q1-060904: How to display the drawing scale (Answered)

How do you get the drawing scale to display?
Q1-060904: Forming an NC user group in Virginia

Are there any other NC programmers using NX in Virginia who would like to form a user group?
Q2-060504: How to call GetFacetData API in VC++6.0

I have a problem when I call SolidEdge API: Body.GetFacetData.
Q1-060504: How to use API:GetFacetData in VC++6.0

The fourth parameter in API:GetFacetData is a VARIANT* variable in VC++6.0. I don't know how to set this kind of variable.
Q1-051904: Using Solid Edge With Dynamic Packages (Answered)

I have been asked to look into using applications such as MATLAB and ADAMS and Finite Element Analyses with Solid Edge being the core application.
Q2-050504: Form Plane Option

I am struggling with the Form Plane option in the Advanced Definition Step of the Pattern Along Curve tool (Solid Edge 15).
Q1-050404: Solid Edge on Linux? (2 ans)

I am a Linux user, and I would like to know if there's any version (or will there be) of Solid Edge for Linux.